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MLK Day: Moving Backward

“FREE AT LAST?” Like other media outlets, this website has been observing Martin Luther King, Jr. day for many years – long enough to see major changes in the status of race relations in the United States. Unfortunately, those changes have only moved America backward – no matter the color of your skin. Last year…


Like other media outlets, this website has been observing Martin Luther King, Jr. day for many years – long enough to see major changes in the status of race relations in the United States. Unfortunately, those changes have only moved America backward – no matter the color of your skin.

Last year we chose to address MLK day from a purely economic perspective – assessing whether the nation’s first black president, Barack Obama, had fulfilled the hopes and dreams of those black voters who monolithically elected him, reelected him and unswervingly still support him today.

He has not.  Based on the overwhelming economic evidence cited in our column, it is abundantly clear blacks are less prosperous today than they were when Obama took office – i.e. further away from the true “promissory note of freedom” King spoke of in his most famous oration.

Obama brought the hope, he just didn’t bring the change – and after eight years in office he has no one else to blame for his failure (especially given the extent to which he took power into his own hands to press various radical agendas).

And what of black “freedom?”  As we noted on King Day four years ago, the federal government’s ongoing Orwellian assault on American liberty has not discriminated on the basis of race.

“The freedoms King fought so courageously to obtain for black Americans are currently being eroded for all Americans,” we noted as the U.S. spy state cast its increasingly lengthy, ominous shadow over individual liberty.

Similarly, Americans of all races have seen their blood and treasure drained on multiple, costly foreign interventions – none of which have made any of us any safer.  Obama’s fact-challenged saber-rattling against Russia is just the latest foreign policy disaster, one final attempt to needlessly escalate global tensions in the name of the military-industrial complex (a.k.a. more government).

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Also benefitting from these escalations?  The same liberal financiers subsidizing the increasingly frequent riots on our streets.  Which leads us to our next point on this MLK Day: Eight years of Obama has done more than just erode black freedom, prosperity and security … it has also materially eroded race relations.

Deliberately so, in many cases.

America’s ongoing economic malaise has probably compounded this divisiveness – which we noted in a very controversial column following horrific, racially-motivated massacre that took place recently in our home state of South Carolina.

That malaise isn’t just visible in narrowly-defined “hate crimes,” though, it is visible in the ongoing black-on-black slaughter currently taking place in Obama’s adopted hometown.

Here’s the thing: When the search for opportunity and fulfillment yields nothing, the search for blame begins.  And unfortunately, there is no shortage of blame to be found in country that has conditioned its citizens (white and black) to believe they are entitled to a dream that previous generations had to work, fight and even die for.

Many civil rights leaders – King included – did work, fight and die to expand that dream. The question now is why?  What was it all for? 

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Two years ago on MLK day, we wrote a column that assessed the status of King’s dream in the aftermath of the Ferguson, Missouri riots.

Our conclusion?  That the #BlackLivesMatter movement launched by liberal financiers in the aftermath of these riots was nothing but “a massive diversion … a calculated effort to keep black anger alive, albeit hopelessly misguided.”

In other words this movement and its insane demands exists for no other reason than to make sure blacks never positively identify the “man” who was (is) actually holding them down.

Thanks to our nation’s liberal, malleable media – a bought-and-paid-for mouthpiece for the “man” – this effort has largely succeeded.  Instead of pointing their fingers at Washington – or at corrupt-to-the-core state capitols and city halls across the nation – Americans are pointing their fingers at each other.

What sort of society will this stoked divisiveness ultimately yield?

This column has already addressed the pervasive decline of prosperity, liberty and security in this country (for people of all races) … but what of the steady infusion of poisonous hatred into our bloodstream?  In addition to the rise of militant black nationalism, this country is witnessing the wholesale indoctrination of America’s youth – at the taxpayers’ expense.

Obama’s “Greatest Generation?”  It consists of over-caffeinated, shallow-minded snowflakes coloring in their safe spaces (first here, then here).  These able-bodied useless eaters rack up massive amounts of debt they will never be able to repay – all on classes that teach them to do nothing but rationalize their own dependence.

Again … what sort of country do we expect to be created by such policies?  Certainly not the sort of country King envisioned.  Certainly not the sort of country our founding fathers envisioned.  Certainly not the sort of country capable of surviving – let alone thriving – in a world that grows more costly, more competitive, more divided and more dangerous by the hour.

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King fought for liberty.  He fought for dignity.  He found for self-determination.  He fought for justice.  And again, he didn’t just fight for these ideals, he died for them.

“We can argue all day about King’s personal ethics and politics, but the fact remains he fought for individual freedom – and we can’t hate on anybody who does that,” we wrote back in 2009 on the eve of Obama’s inauguration.

The following year we added “we can’t think of anyone better than King at articulating the fundamental essence and importance of liberty.”

We feel the same way today.  Unfortunately, King’s dream has been hijacked.  Its promissory note ripped up.  Its promises abandoned.  Its hope all but extinguished.

Rather than pursuing ideals of unity, fairness and self-responsibility, America’s first black president chose instead to divide and conquer – and now has decided to close his chapter in American history by demonizing the man tasked with cleaning up his mess.

“Free at last?”  Not hardly …

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