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Barack Obama = Black On Black Crime




U.S. President Barack Obama is the nation’s first black president … or half-black, if you want to be precise about it.  We don’t … because Obama’s skin color has never mattered to us.  Nor did Mitt Romney‘s religion.   And neither does the party affiliation of either of these two big government hacks.

Color and creed have precisely zero to do with one’s fidelity to founding American liberties or free market principles.  And apparently neither does party label (see Exhibit A).

We don’t like Obama for the simple reason that he – like the vast majority of Democrats and “Republicans” in Washington, D.C. – is bad for the country on multiple levels.

Obama has been especially harmful to black Americans – the constituency that helped deliver him the White House and breathlessly hailed his historic election as the most visible manifestation of a post-racial nation.

Black unemployment is currently 11.4 percent – nearly twice the national rate.  Among young blacks, it’s above 30 percent.  Meanwhile black labor participation – 61.7 percent – is lower than the national average of 62.8 percent (a figure which itself is hovering at 30-year lows).

Black incomes have been disproportionately reduced under Obama, dropping from $36,491 to $33,321 – an 8.6 percent decline. White incomes on the other hand have slipped from $55,786 to $53,706 – a 3.7 percent drop.  As a result the median household wealth for a black family is currently less than $7,000 – compared to more than $91,000 for a white family.

Black homeownership is also down – to 43.5 percent.  That’s well below the white homeownership rate of 72.9 percent.

Meanwhile the percentage of blacks living in poverty – 24.7 percent when Obama took office – is now 27.2 percent, roughly three times the white poverty rate of 9.7 percent.

Faced with these numbers, can the administration of Obama be described as anything other than six years of black-on-black crime?

Nonetheless, blacks are not deserting Obama – even as his public approval rating plumbs record depths.  According to the latest Washington Post/ ABC News poll, a whopping 87 percent of black voters still approve of the job Obama is doing.

Wow …

Think about that number for a second.  The Americans who are getting the shortest end of the stick from Obama (while he bails out the wealthy “One Percent” and opens up the nation’s southern border to a flood of Central American immigrants) are the ones who love him the most.

What kind of self-loathing is that?

Writing for The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel  last week, black columnist Eugene Kane summed it up concisely when he concluded blacks were sticking with Obama because he was one of “us.”

“As an African-American baby boomer who still gets a tingling feeling whenever the door to Air Force One opens and the black guy gets out, I don’t detect any loss of enthusiasm or excitement about Obama in my personal and professional circle of friends,” he wrote, adding that blacks are continuing “to appreciate being part of this special time in American history while it’s still happening.”

Sheesh …

Kane should probably get that “tingling feeling” checked out, because supporting someone solely on the basis of their skin color is not only stupid … it’s racist.