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No More “Republicans”




For years this website has used air quotes (or “baby quotes”) when referencing the Republican party.  It’s been our way of reaffirming on a daily basis that “Republicans” simply aren’t what they say they are … at any level of government.

After years of criticizing the GOP for failing to honor its proclaimed ideology of less government and lower taxes, we formally bailed on the party following the 2012 election.  Ad guess what: Republicans have done absolutely nothing to win us back in the interim.  In fact they’ve veered even further away from their stated principles – while at the same time conspiring to backstab the one candidate who actually sought to hold them accountable.

Oh well … that’s neither here nor there.

Our point is that the Republican label has become so devalued – and the GOP so synonymous with tax hikesunrestrained deficit spendingcrony capitalist trade deals, the perpetual incentivizing of dependency, wide open borders, incessant global warmongeringsocialized medicine and ill-conceived money-printing – that we no longer feel the need to distinguish it as being somehow inconsistent with its purported beliefs.

It’s no longer ironic that the GOP is the other party of big, invasive, unaccountable and unsustainable government.  That’s just what it is.

And at this point it is abundantly clear the party is never going back.

So we’re doing our carpel tunnel a favor and dispensing with the air quotes.  Ditching the mocking indignation. Dropping the distinction because guess what … there is no distinction anymore.

From this point forward, we’re just going to call “Republicans” what they are … Republicans.

Because based on their record over the last quarter century – from the sellout of Newt Gingrich to the ongoing establishment servitude of Paul Ryan – there’s really nothing worse we can think to call them.

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