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contract with america

By FITSNews || With the possible exception of former president George W. Bush, no one has done more damage to the “Republican” brand over the last quarter century than former U.S. House Speaker Newt Gingrich, author of the aborted “Republican Revolution” of 1994.

Gingrich and dozens of Republicans took control of the U.S. Congress that fall by pimping the “Contract With America,” a platform that included balanced budgets, term limits and numerous other conservative talking points … all of which went completely out the window as soon after the GOP majority was sworn in.

Seriously, people … read Tom Coburn’s book Breach of Trust.  You’ll want to kick Gingrich in the balls if you ever see him (and please … don’t let us stop you).

Anyway, the unmitigated failure of the “Contract With America” – which was solely the fault of Congressional Republicans – gave way to the partisan government shutdown of 1995, which gave way to the uber-partisan impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

Which, of course, gave way to the Bush era, and the end of capitalism as we know it, which in turn gave way to … well, this shit we currently call government.

And “Republicans” now wanting to “fix it.”

Hey … “when you get to the bottom you go back to the top of the slide …” right? Right?

In other words – trillions of dollars later – Gingrich wants to subject us all to the same process all over again

“During the past few months, a number of people have asked me about the possibility of a new Contract with America for the 2010 elections,” Gingrich wrote recently. “They remember the clarity, the positive focus, and the election results of the 1994 contract.”

Gingrich goes on to say that a new contract “would be a powerful unifier for all those who are tired of the corruption and waste of Washington and the alien views of the secular socialist coalition seeking to change America radically.”

Sheesh … that’s some circa 1994 Christian Coalition language thrown in there for good measure, in case you missed it.

“Helter skelter …”

As if we needed any additional examples of Gingrich’s questionable conservative credibility, look no further than his endorsement of left-leaning RINO Dede Scozzafava in last November’s heated New York Congressional election.

Scozzafava, of course, is the liberal “Republican” whose last-minute endorsement of Democratic Rep. Bill Owens handed Barack Obama a U.S. House seat – at the expense of conservative party Candidate Doug Hoffman, who lost the race by a 2.3 percent margin.

Gingrich and several other establishment RINOs endorsed Scozzafava – who openly supported the Obama stimulus as well as the union “card check” bill, which would strip U.S. workers of their right to a secret ballot.

And then Scozzafava turned around and promptly buried Hoffman …

Again, whatever Newt Gingrich is peddling … all we can say is “thanks but no thanks.”

This is a song “Republicans” stole from the taxpayers.  And we’re stealin’ it back …