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House “Conservatives” Ripped For Selling Out To GOP Establishment




Politically speaking, there are three main reasons why the greatest country in human civilization now finds itself spiraling into the abyss … into what Ronald Reagan once called the “ash heap of history” (a line he borrowed from the communists, ironically).

All the unsustainable spending, crony capitalism, excess bureaucracy/ regulation, incentivizing of dependency, open borders, ill-conceived global interventionism, domestic spying, entitlements – all of these things flow from three key ideological shifts.

First, “Republicans” in Washington, D.C. are no different than Democrats (and haven’t been for years).  In fact most GOP lawmakers in our nation’s capital are Democrats.  Second? “Conservatives” have become no different than “Republicans” – as evidenced by this week’s shameless sellout of the so-called “House Freedom Caucus.”

And third?  All three of these groups – Democrats, “Republicans” and “conservatives” – have been veering wildly leftward for decades.

As a result, the spectrum itself has shifted … for the worse.

Over the last fifteen years, things have gotten completely of hand.  On the day George W. Bush took the oath of office as America’s forty-third president, the national debt was $5.7 trillion.  Today it’s $18.4 trillion.

Has this massive explosion in all manner of big government been successful?

No … America’s economy, which grew at four percent or better from 1997-2000, hasn’t hit four percent since.  It hasn’t even hit three percent in a decade.  And it’s not just Bush, Barack Obama and the U.S. Congress bearing responsibility … former president Bill Clinton deserves some of that blame, too.

But today the blame belongs squarely on the shoulders of the so-called “conservatives.”



By caving to liberal establishment leader Paul Ryan – propped up by the special interests after liberal John Boehner resigned and liberal Kevin McCarthy had to abandon his bid – the “House Freedom Caucus” has lost any shred of credibility it once had.

“My previous paradigm for the House Freedom Caucus was ‘principled anti-Establishment Tea Party conservatives,'” Mickey Kaus, author of the website Kaus Files noted. “The new paradigm is ‘the House Freedom Caucus Is idiots.”

Conservative commentator Glenn Beck was livid.

“You told US to stand up and fight. We did. Now YOU sell us out too? Really?!?!” Beck wrote on his Facebook page. “The ‘fix’ the republic needs is Paul Ryan? The man who never met a bailout he didn’t like? A man who asked to be made king?”

“This feels like a betrayal of everything you told us you needed, wanted and asked for,” Beck added.

That’s because it is …

And not only did this group sell out – anonymously, at that (Freedom Caucus votes are not recorded) – but it did so without getting anything in return.

Seriously: This group caved to nothing … nothing except the threat of the establishment labeling them as outsiders.

Remind us again … what did “going along to get along” get these lawmakers the last time they laid down their arms?

More capitulation to Obama, that’s what …

“The whole thing by Ryan was a bluff – ‘If you don’t surrender and disarm, I won’t run and you will get the blame.’  What if they had called his bluff?” one veteran Beltway operative told us.  “They would be heroes.  There are other centrists who could have taken it and done an okay job and the House would have been open for real reform and decent policy.  Not now.”

Indeed … not now.

Now the “Republican” establishment got its man – meaning there will be no transformational moment in (nor radical reinvention of) the U.S. House of Representatives.  There will only be more of the same.

Paul Ryan isn’t Speaker yet.  He still has to be elected … and that vote will be conducted on the record, not cast in the shadows.

Based on his record, we are reiterating our call for every single member of the South Carolina delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives to vote against him.  We warned these “conservatives” back in January not to vote for a liberal leader, but (with one exception) they did it anyway – and the results have been disastrous.

They cannot cave again.  This is another gut check vote.

Are there any “conservatives” in Washington, D.C. with guts?

Or have they all become establishment whores …