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“Conservatives” Cave To Paul Ryan




They’ve done it again …

So-called “conservative” lawmakers in the so-called “Republican” party in Washington, D.C. have anointed yet another big government liberal to lead the GOP.  And while there’s plenty of rhetoric heralding a change in “process,” the blunt truth is unavoidable …

Meet the new boss: Same as the old boss.

The opportunity created by the resignation of liberal leader John Boehner – and the head-scratching collapse of his top lieutenant Kevin McCarthy – has now been squandered.  Completely.  Forget the radical reinvention of the U.S. Congress that was required if America was ever to regain its pro-freedom, pro-free market footing … another fiscal liberal is running the “Republican” party.

And this time conservatives have no one but themselves to blame …

This week, a majority of the members of the so-called “Freedom Caucus” have agreed to throw their lot in with the candidacy of liberal Paul Ryan.  On an anonymous vote, three-quarters of the group has agreed to support Ryan – whose unfitness for the Speaker’s office we’ve previously addressed.

Conservative lawmakers insist their kowtowing to the Washington, D.C. establishment – which convinced Ryan to run – came with important concessions.

“There were key procedural commitments made,” one U.S. House staffer told FITS.

Specifically, conservative lawmakers say Ryan has pledged to abide by the so-called “Hastert rule” (named after since-disgraced former Speaker Dennis Hastert) in which a majority of the “Republican” caucus determines how the party will vote on key issues.

Neither Boehner nor McCarthy would agree to that rule …

Of course the “Hastert rule” presumes dozens of liberal “Republicans” will keep their word and vote against their beliefs – which we don’t think will ever happen.  More ominously, it presumes dozens of “conservatives” would join the liberal GOP lawmakers if they were outnumbered – which we pray would never happen.

Seriously: These guys just signed away their convictions to GOP mob rule.

“Barely a fig leaf – more like a blade of grass,” one veteran national conservative activist told FITS of the concessions made by the GOP establishment to conservatives.

Indeed …

This was a defining moment.  A chance for GOP leaders to hold themselves accountable – at long last – to the people who put them in power in the first place back in 2010.

They failed … miserably.  They put in another status quo hack, a guy who according to conservative commentator Ann Coulter cares more about his “own self-regard and favorable press notices (than) accomplishing anything useful.”

Given the deficit and entitlement specters hanging over the nation’s capital, such a failure isn’t just inexcusable … it’s criminal.

Ryan has the keys to the kingdom now.  That means any deal he made with the “conservatives” to win the Speakership will be instantly forgotten the moment the first big bought-and-paid-for special interest bill reaches his chamber.

Which is precisely why the status quo put him there in the first place …

Sad …

We would once again reiterate our call for every member of the South Carolina “Republican” delegation to refrain from voting for Paul Ryan – to instead stand up to the status quo in Washington, D.C. and say the days of caving (over and over and over) are over.

“Paul Ryan is not a radical reinvention,” we wrote earlier this month.  “Nor is he even representative of a modest recalibration.  He is more of the same.  And that is simply unacceptable given the dire straights in which this nation finds itself.”

We warned “conservatives” ten months ago that a vote for John Boehner was a vote for the accommodation of liberal “bipartisansh*t.”  They didn’t listen.

They need to listen now … and if they won’t, then they need to be replaced by real conservatives.