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The US Congress Must Radically Reinvent Itself … Or Else




|| By FITSNEWS || There will soon be a change in leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives … but will it matter?

Our government is more than $18 trillion in debt.  Entitlements are about to implode (sooner rather than later).  Ninety-four million working age Americans don’t have jobs.  Incomes are shrinking.  So is the middle class.  Our country’s borders are wide open.  Dependency (even for immigrants) is sacrosanct.

Abroad, our failed interventionist foreign policy has created a potent new enemy (while we’re busy trying to pick a fight with an old enemy).  All while taking marching orders from those who take our borrowed billions.

Oh, and meanwhile our government is spying on everybody (and storing our personal information) while persecuting those who seek to stand for limited government.

That includes (especially) those members of Congress who failed to toe former U.S. Speaker John Boehner‘s liberal line …

Anointed Speaker in 2011 thanks to a wave of Tea Party support, Boehner did nothing but roll over for Obama from day one.  The debt ceiling debate?  He caved.  The fiscal cliff?  He caved.  Obamacare defunding?  He caved.  Obama’s executive amnesty?  Again … he caved.

All while the bipartisan spending orgy continued unabated …

Backing Boehner to the hilt on these critical issues?  Fellow liberal “Republican” Kevin McCarthy, who is likely to be elected the next Speaker of the House (while Boehner goes off to make his millions as a Washington, D.C. lobbyist).

So … what anything change?

No.  Nothing will change.

Not as long as a majority of the “Republican” party is indistinguishable from their Democratic “opposition.”

Here’s a news flash for the GOP: You can’t call another party the “opposition” if you’re always voting with them.

According to the latest composite polling data from Real Clear Politics, 75.6 percent of the American people disapprove of the job Congress is doing compared to only 15.2 percent who approve.

And no, we’ve never met anyone in the 15.2 percent … have you?

There are no easy solutions to the problems outlined at the outset of this column.  But one solution is simple: Stop making things worse.  And the best way to do that?  For Congress to start acting like a Congress again – reasserting itself as an institution and once again providing checks and balances as prescribed by the Constitution.

U.S. Rep. Ken Buck of Colorado eloquently made this point two months ago.

“Decades of regulatory overreach and judicial activism have shattered the ‘three-legged stool’ upon which our Republic rests – sapping our innovation, curtailing our productivity, eroding our freedoms and giving rise to an increasingly unwieldy, unsustainable government,” Buck wrote.  “The beneficiaries? Government – and select special interests. The losers? American citizens, workers and consumers.”

He’s absolutely right.

Party labels no longer matter.  Nor do ideological labels.  Partisan wrangling no longer matters, either.  It’s all about who is being represented.

Is it you?  Or them.

And the way we will tell?   How they tax and spend.

The U.S. Congress cannot have yet another “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” moment.  Either it radically reinvents itself and starts representing its citizens again, or the Republic dies.

Simple as that …