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“New South” Nikki Haley Still Bashing Donald Trump




|| By FITSNEWS || In 2012, S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s presidential endorsement was worse than worthless – it was a kiss of death.  This go-round, though, Haley was poised to make a positive impact on the electoral fortunes of the “First in the South” candidate she backed.

Rehabilitated politically, her endorsement was going to matter this time …

Two things have happened, though …

First thing?  The flag …

Confederate Flag

Haley’s “New South” national star shines brightly in the aftermath of the Confederate flag flap (during which command economic pressure and naked political ambition guided her conversion).  In fact the episode has made her a bona fide vice presidential prospect … preexisting vetting issues notwithstanding.

Haley is taking a hit at home, though.  A majority of GOP voters did not support her decision on the flag – opposition which is especially pronounced in the vote-rich Upstate region of South Carolina.

(And likely to be further pronounced among older voters who turn out in droves for the presidential primary election).

So while Haley certainly made herself more attractive for a national ticket by flip-flopping on the flag, she devalued her “First in the South” endorsement to do so.


Second thing? The Donald …


Love him or hate him, but there’s no denying Donald Trump has taken over the 2016 presidential race … driving the debate and soaring to huge leads nationally and in early voting states.  Nowhere is Trump’s dominance more visible than in South Carolina, where three recent polls have shown him enjoying commanding margins over the rest of the “Republican” field.

And that’s after the “conservative” media tried to take him out …

Like Fox News, Haley is no friend to Trump.  In fact she dedicated a good portion of her latest speech in Washington, D.C. to bashing his candidacy.  Those barbs intensified this week when Haley told Politico that Trump’s “conduct in this campaign is wrong.”

“Our focus needs to be on bringing more people in, not excluding people with angry rhetoric,” she said.

Wait … Trump isn’t “bringing more people in?”

It’s obviously a long way to February, but at this stage of the race every single establishment “Republican” candidate in South Carolina is polling in the single digits.  That means Haley’s only real “anti-Trump” option would be retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.

So much for her rumored strategy of playing establishment favorites Jeb Bush and Scott Walker against one another …

Also the more Haley bashes the popular frontrunner, the more damage she does to the value of her endorsement …


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