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Nikki Haley, Rehabilitated




|| By FITSNEWS || S.C. governor Nikki Haley‘s national aspirations appear to be on the wane … and her first term as governor of the Palmetto State was (let’s face it) an unmitigated disaster.

Five cabinet resignations due to scandal?  Yup.

Fortunately for Haley, she had an “R” behind her name … and “minority female” status.  And so her “Republican” colleagues let her evade accountability for her most egregious ethical violations.  Meanwhile an intellectually incurious, reflexively regurgitative mainstream media dutifully publicized Haley’s numerous taxpayer-subsidized “economic development” ribbon cuttings … while at the same time largely ignoring the fundamental weakness of the state’s economy.

Add it all up and Haley breezed to reelection …

But this article isn’t about bashing Haley (as our website is wont to do), it’s an honest assessment of her potential impact on the 2016 “Republican” presidential primary process.

In 2012, FITS readers will recall Haley’s endorsement of status quo frontrunner Mitt Romney did not help the eventual GOP nominee … in fact, it hurt him in South Carolina.  Of course Haley’s approval ratings were in the toilet at the time.

Since then Haley has gradually rebuilt her base of support, though … and whether she deserves it or not, she’s more popular in the Palmetto State than ever before.

According to the latest results of The Winthrop Poll – which has been gauging public opinion in South Carolina since 2006 – 56.2 percent of registered voters approve of the job Haley is doing, including a whopping 78.4 percent of “Republicans.”

Those are Haley’s best numbers ever …

Compared to her December 2011 nadir, she’s up 21.6 percent among registered voters and 25.9 percent among GOP voters.

In other words Haley’s presidential endorsement – which was pretty much kryptonite four years ago – now has real value to prospective presidential candidates.  Also with Romney opting against a 2016 presidential bid, Haley is now free to play the field.

(Insert humorous double entendre reference …)

Obviously this website recoils at the thought of saying anything which accrues to the benefit of Haley – a fiscally liberal, fundamentally dishonest, habitually hypocritical and relentlessly self-serving politician – but numbers don’t lie.

Barring any unforeseen scandal, Haley’s endorsement in the 2016 presidential primary will be extremely valuable …