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“The Donald” Is Ratings Gold




|| By FITSNEWS || All those “Republican” presidential candidates dissing Donald Trump might want to think twice.  And so should the national cable news network which engaged in a transparent, no-holds-barred effort to sink his insurgent presidential campaign.

How come? Because as much as the GOP establishment may hate him: Trump = Ratings.

According to the early overnight Nielsen ratings, the first “Republican” presidential debate on Fox News scored a 16.0 household rating between 9:00-11:00 p.m. EDT.  In other words sixteen percent of homes with television sets were tuned into the exchange, broadcast live nationally from the Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio.

Is that record viewership for a primary debate?  Um, yes.

By a landslide.

The Trump debate drew more than three times as large an audience as the most-watched “Republican” debate from the 2012 cycle – and more than twice as large an audience as the most-watched Democratic debate from 2008.

An estimated 24 million viewers tuned into the Fox News debate on Thursday night.  By comparison, the most-watched debate of the 2012 primary election drew only 7.6 million voters.

That’s seismic … and further evidence attesting to the forces fueling Trump’s “say-anything” candidacy (for more on those, click here and here).

America long ago tuned out its typical two-party politicians … and with good reason.  But love him or hate him, Trump has now given them a reason to tune back in.  And every single politician on the stage in Cleveland should be thanking Trump for that.

“Politics follows the culture, it’s never the other way around,” one veteran national conservative operative once told us.

That’s so true …

Memo to “Republicans:” Without Trump on the stage, no one is listening to you.