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Donald Trump Outworked Hillary Clinton




You’ve got to want it to win it … and Donald Trump wanted it more.

At least that’s the takeaway from a nifty map depicting the final ten weeks of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Featured on the website, the map plots the campaign stops (debates, rallies, fundraisers and in-person media appearances) of Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from September 1 through November 8.

During that time frame, Trump made 106 campaign appearances compared to Clinton’s 71 (including her concession speech the day after the election).

Take a look …

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Every bit as interesting as the frequency of these campaign events is their geography.  For example, Clinton made several trips to the critical swing state of Florida – but neglected to visit the state’s panhandle.  She also completely ignored the state of Wisconsin – which Trump visited three times.

In states like North Carolina and Pennsylvania, Trump also campaigned extensively outside of the traditional media centers – leveraging his star power and bringing his message directly to voters.

In fairness to Clinton, she was sidelined from campaigning for several days after experiencing a “medical episode” on September 11 – and was probably somewhat limited in her campaigning thereafter.

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