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Nikki Haley Ramps Up GOP Attacks On Donald Trump




|| By FITSNEWS ||  Two months ago, S.C. governor Nikki Haley was deferential in assessing the rise of GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

Not anymore …

During a speech in Washington, D.C., Haley made the outspoken billionaire her top target – bashing his bluntness as well as his views on immigration reform.

“Every time someone criticizes him, he goes and makes a political attack back,” Haley said during her remarks at the National Press Club.  “That’s not who we are as Republicans. That’s not what we do.”

Haley said GOP voters “want to know they’re sending someone up to the White House that’s going to be calm and cool-tempered and not get mad at someone just because they criticize him.”

“We would really have a world war if that happens,” she added.

On immigration reform, Haley said Trump’s comprehensive proposals discriminated against legal immigrants – including her parents.

“Republicans need to remember that the fabric of America came from these legal immigrants,” she said. “If you want to talk about tackling illegal immigration, then let’s talk about it, but we don’t need to attack so many millions of people who came here … and did it the right way, like my parents.”

Not surprisingly, the liberal establishment media ate up Haley’s comments ….

Left-leaning Dana Milbank of The Washington Post described Haley’s speech as “a rebuke of Trump from a lonely voice of tolerance within the party.”

“More of this is needed, and fast, if the GOP is to avoid Trump’s siren call to alienate everybody but the party’s shrinking demographic base,” Milbank wrote.

He also praised Haley’s call for an “equality agenda” for black Americans – saying he hoped “those battling to lead the Republican ticket will take a cue from their would-be running mate.”

Sheesh …

We wonder: Is Haley aware of what her home state thinks?