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Hillary Clinton: Talking ‘Bout Her (Failed) Generation




|| By FITSNEWS ||  “Republicans” (including many who worship Ronald Reagan) have made some hay over presumed Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton’s advanced years … but this week an even better line of attack is emerging.

Of course don’t expect many in the GOP to embrace it because it’s every bit as much an indictment of their policies as it is of hers …

David Stockman – who FITS readers will remember effortlessly exposed the crony capitalist U.S. Export-Import bank not long ago – hits Clinton in a whole new light.

Calling her the “Class President of a Failed Generation,” Stockman shreds the multi-faceted failure of Clinton-era politicians.

“The baby boom generation which started with so much promise when it came of age in the 1960s has ended up a colossal failure,” Stockman wrote.  “It has turned America into a bloody imperial hegemon aboard and a bankrupt Spy State at home where financialization and the one percent thrive, half the populations lives off the state and real main street prosperity has virtually disappeared from the land.”

Exactly …

As for Clinton herself, Stockman says she has “betrayed all that was right about the baby boomers in the 1960s; and has embraced all the wrong they did during their subsequent years in power.”

For example, Stockman cites Clinton’s support of former president George W. Bush‘s “shock and awe” campaign against Iraq – blaming its botched aftermath for “unleashing the furies of Islamic sectarian conflict that eventually led to the mayhem and brutality of the Shiite militias and the rise of the ISIS butchers on the backs of the dispossessed Sunni tribes and the demobilized officer corps of Saddam.”

Not to mention unleashing future 9/11 attacks …

Stockman also rips Clinton – and those ever-accommodating “Republicans” – for adding explosive force to America’s looming deficit disaster.

“Unlike Tip O’Neill of circa 1980, (Clinton-era Democrats) do not fear a political attack from the right on the issue of deficits, debt and big spending,” he writes.  “So nothing is done to defuse the generational time bomb known as social insurance—-even though means testing the wealthy recipients of social security and Medicare would ameliorate much of the problem.”

He also rips Clinton – and politicians of her generation – for backing the disastrous monetary policy which has wound up being the greatest redistribution of wealth in human history.

On all counts, Clinton’s generation of politicians – Democrat and “Republican” – have taken the greatest country in the history of human civilization and, in the space of less than a quarter century, set it down the path toward an inevitable, inexorable collapse.

“Hillary doesn’t get any of this,” Stockman concludes.  “She thinks war is peace; deficits don’t matter; the baby boom is entitled to the social insurance they didn’t earn; and that the Fed’s serial bubble machine is leading the nation back to prosperity.”

That’s right.  Like we’ve been saying for years … “the center cannot hold.”

Of course we believe, unlike Stockman, that Clinton is more than sufficiently smart to “get it.”

We think she just doesn’t care …

And why should she?  Like the rest of her generation, she’ll be six feet under when bill comes due.  They’ve gotten fat and happy at the expense of their children and grandchildren (well, your children and grandchildren) … passing a whirlwind of bad news down to a generation that’s dumb as dirt.

But hey … let’s go invade more countries anyway … and dole out more favors to the one percent.  And let’s conduct all this “official business” on an email address that doesn’t exist anymore.

It’s not like anybody is ever going to be held accountable for any of this … right?