SC Democrats Pull Donald Trump Pig Post

South Carolina’s minority party removes post comparing president to a pig …

South Carolina Democrats have removed a controversial social media post comparing U.S. president Donald Trump to a pig.

At around 6:20 p.m. EDT on Sunday evening, the official Facebook page of the S.C. House Democratic Caucus posted an unflattering image of Trump alongside a pig that (let’s be honest) bore an uncanny resemblance to the 45th president.

“Insert your own caption,” the post encouraged readers.

Take a look …

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That’s actually pretty funny …

Well, it’s funny unless you happen to be a Democratic lawmaker residing in one of the districts won by Trump last fall.  In that case, this is precisely the sort of needlessly offensive item that could galvanize “Republicans” to turn out against you next fall.

Especially with the SCGOP making a major push to pad its legislative advantage on the strength of Trump’s populist appeal …

“If I am a member of the caucus who represents one of the districts Trump won, I am raising hell with both the state party and (the) caucus,” one consultant who has represented candidates on both sides of the aisle told us.  “This pretty much guarantees a super majority following next November’s election.  Also the S.C. Democratic party loses all credibility when it comes to the civility argument after this post.”

That’s a fair point …

“Republicans” were also less-than-impressed with the Trump “pig post.”

“Maybe if they focused more on candidate recruitment, positive messaging and connecting with voters and less on childish, distasteful social media images they would do better in elections,” one GOP operative told us.

What did Democratic lawmakers residing in vulnerable districts have to say about the post?

“We’re smarter than that,” one told us.  “And funnier.  I love a good joke. I hate a cheap joke.”

To be clear: We don’t buy the “partisan divide” narrative.  Never have.

There may be two major political parties in this country, but sadly there is but one governing philosophy: More money, more problems.

“Republicans” in the Palmetto State – including governor Henry McMaster (whom Trump is campaigning for this weekend) – have grown government at obscene levels in recent years with absolutely nothing but a bigger bill to show for it.  Seriously, the GOP has jacked taxingborrowing and spending on a government that produces abysmal outcomes – economicallyfiscallyeducationally and with regards to infrastructurepublic safety and other core functions of government.

Frankly that’s what the Democrats should be posting on their social media pages … not silly pig pictures.



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