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Mark Sanford Thinks Other People’s Drama Is Too Much?




In case you hadn’t picked up on it yet, congressman Mark Sanford doesn’t like Donald Trump.  At all.  In fact, if there is some violence going down somewhereanywhere – Sanford is more likely than not to blame Trump for it.

Which of course lands him on television and splashes his name all over the interwebs …

This week the former two-term South Carolina governor – who authored of one of the most memorable political implosions in American history eight years ago – went after Trump on another front, though.

Ready?  According to Sanford, there’s too much drama in the Trump White House.

“That which is weird is getting weirder at the White House,” Sanford told Politico reporters Rachel Bade and John Bresnahan last week, referring to “impediments that are self-created within the White House that impede the president’s ability to lead.”

Hmmmm … drama impeding one’s ability to lead?  

That sounds awfully familiar doesn’t it?

To be sure, the insider battles raging within the Trump White House have been disturbing … compounding the debilitating GOP dysfunction that’s been running rampant in our nation’s capital.  In fact last week we referred to the White House as a “Cluster-Trump” and a “Trumpster Fire.”  And we were correct … both times.

We urged Trump to take action to address the West Wing infighting … and it appears he has begun to heed this advice.

But we wonder … is Sanford really in a position to lecture others when it comes to “self-created impediments?”  Isn’t that the only thing he’s ever really accomplished in his entire political career?

Honestly … isn’t this guy the original political drama queen?

Yes … and Sanford has continued in that role since he was sent back to Congress four years ago.

To be clear: Our issue with Sanford isn’t his perpetual oversharing.  Nor is it even really his ongoing campaign finance/ personal drama.  Nor is it the hypocrisy he so frequently invites whenever he seeks to score political points at Trump’s expense.

No … our problem with Sanford is this: He is simply no longer the congressman he used to be.  Once a lonely champion for freedom and free markets, he has become a typical Washington “Republican” (click herehere and here for our reports chronicling his descent).

Fortunately, it appears voters in the South Carolina first district (map) will have options in next year’s primary and general elections.

We’d urge them to consider those options strongly …



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