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Mark Sanford Blames Montana Assault On Donald Trump




We haven’t been in the business of defending U.S. president Donald Trump much lately.  He’s disappointed us on several fronts (stumbling, bumbling and fumbling on multiple issues) and we’ve not hesitated to call him out for his failure.

But Trump does deserve to be defended from pure insanity … like the utter drivel proceeding from the mouth of U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford this week.

According to Sanford, Trump is to blame for a violent incident in Montana in which Greg Gianforte – the “Republican” candidate for the state’s at-large seat in the U.S. Congress – allegedly body slammed a reporter.

Somehow, Sanford is laying the onus for Gianforte’s outburst on Trump’s “say anything” approach to politics.

“People believe they have license to say most anything (when) the guy at the top can say anything he wants to anybody at any time,” Sanford told reporter Emma Dumain of The (Charleston, S.C.) Post and Courier.


You know … the last time we checked people having the license to “say most anything” was called free speech, something a limited government “Republican” like Sanford was supposed to support.

Or maybe not?  Maybe Sanford has joined liberal congressman Jim Clyburn in believing that government has the right to “rethink the parameters of the First Amendment?”

Anyway, Sanford – known in Washington, D.C. as “Representative TMI” – accompanied his gratuitous bitch slap of Trump with some of his trademark philosophical meandering.

From Dumain’s report …

Shame actually has a place in a civilized society. Remorse has a place in a civilized society, because it causes people to rethink what they did and hopefully broach future problems in different ways. You can’t have a remorseless society and that is the problem of the president saying, ‘There are no moments over which I have remorse.’

The fact of the matter is, the normal human existence is filled with many points you wish you could do over. There are some trend lines here that we should all find discouraging, or frightening … I’ve seen demons unearthed.

Good God … is this a new James Taylor song?  Open mic night at the small town liberal arts college?

Or should we all just chalk it up to the wisdom of a man who wears women’s deodorant?



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