Weekend Mailbag: October 8

ENGAGING THE INCOMING …  We get incoming … lots of incoming. So much incoming, at times, we don’t always know what to do with it. Tips, comments, criticisms, suggestions, questions, nasty-grams, funny pictures … you name it, we get it. As we continue tinkering around with this whole “new media” concept,…


We get incoming … lots of incoming. So much incoming, at times, we don’t always know what to do with it.

Tips, comments, criticisms, suggestions, questions, nasty-grams, funny pictures … you name it, we get it.

As we continue tinkering around with this whole “new media” concept, one thing has become clear to us: We need to do a much better job of incorporating these incoming perspectives – while at the same time actively engaging the readers who submit them.

Okay, so maybe that’s two things …

Anyway, that’s what this inaugural edition of the “Weekend Mailbag” is about – an effort to get other insights into the bloodstream while at the same time allowing our founding editor Will Folks (a.k.a. “Sic Willie”) to communicate more directly with our readers.

As you can see below, all of the submissions here are anonymous.  If you’ve got something more in-depth that you’d like to put your name on, you can submit that as a letter to the editor or even a longer-form opinion editorial.  We receive and publish tons of those.

But this forum is a way for readers to weigh in without worrying about the blowback that goes with attaching their name to something (which we hope will facilitate a more open and interesting dialogue).

So … got an item you’d like to commend to our attention?  Just send an email to our founding editor ([email protected]) or use our contact page.

In the meantime, let’s dig into those letters …




You should do a story on how declaring a “state of emergency” essentially allows Nikki Haley to give herself executive authority to doll out tens of millions in contracts without any procurement process.  This would be okay if all this pre-storm stuff was necessary and the contractors were fair in their prices. Unfortunately, a lot of these contracts are go to her political donors at inflated prices sometimes three times the going rate.  We are warned about swindlers taking advantage of storms but I can prove how Haley used an ice storm for her re-election a couple years ago.  What a joke.  I was in this business … I know how it works.  On camera we have concerned officials for people’s safety while in back rooms everyone is getting rich off no-bid contracts.


Got any examples?  Would love to follow up on this if there are specific instances of contracts being doled out inappropriately.



Clemson vs Georgia

Dear Editor,

Governor Nikki Haley stated that no state resources, specifically S.C. Highway Patrol troopers, would be available for the South Carolina-Georgia game.  Yet at halftime and following the conclusion of the Clemson-Boston College game, two state troopers were escorting Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney off of the field.  How about get a comment from her justifying this.


Nice tip. And that’s not at all surprising given Haley’s history of favoring Clemson athletics.  Now … as for this site getting a comment from the governor?  LOL.




Dear Editor,

Charles Molineaux is no longer listed on the WISTV.com website.  Guess his alternative Facebook page in fact did lead to the station not renewing his contract.


Well, well … they waited for the middle of a hurricane to pull the trigger?  Anyway, hate to hear it for Molineaux but from what I’ve heard the station is making the right call.




Umm, unless proclivities that the spouse lets you indulge in, you’ve apparently got someone having some fun with you sir.


If real, don’t care … hell could help fulfill.  Otherwise … like your page too much for crap like this.


Ha! PokeFolk! That’s awesome!  Although I’m flattered, this troll appears to have shorted me a few inches above (I’m 6-foot-0) and much more importantly, below the belt.  Appreciate the “fulfillment” offer, though … how very kind of you!




Dear Editor,

Please take down the video of the tailgate sex at the University of South Carolina, the guy in the video would appreciate if you could take it down he is already in bad standing with his school and on the verge of getting in trouble.  Thank you.


I’ve gotten a lot of requests on this.  First of all, FITSNews did not post this video online (nor do we have any idea who did).  We simply provided a link to a video that was posted on another site.  As for the guy in the clip, he is welcome to make such a request to us directly.  



meg 003

Dear Editor,

Anticipating Halloween I would like to commend to your attention the following picture of Associated Press reporter Meghan Kinnard which was taken during last year’s trick-or-treating.

(Click to enlarge)


(Pic via Facebook)

I leave the cat sound effects to you.

Your website had quite the homage to this lovely scribe earlier this year and yet you have failed to follow-up on your prior investigative work.

Please take the opportunity as this All Hallows’ Eve approaches to rectify this negligence on your part.  Thanking you in advance …


Ha!  From the looks of it we should be thanking YOU in advance.  Meg is indeed gorgeous.  She also works her tail off (well, leopard costumes notwithstanding) and is tough but fair in her reporting.  Now that you mention it I never heard back on how she received our initial “reporting” but you do raise a good point regarding the need for more “coverage.”


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