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Faith Falise: No “Sissy Men” For President




|| By FAITH FALISE  || Feminists are an angry lot.  Hell bent on being strong and domineering they want emasculated kitchen bitches – men who are extensions of their vaginas.

They want their cuckolds to use the gender neutral bathroom and get mani pedis while quoting Gloria Steinem.  Feminists prefer to be governed by groveling sissy men like Barack Obama, Tim Kaine and Lindsey Graham – men who would happily tuck their cocks between their legs and step into a pair of panties if told to do so.

Post-modern feminism has tried to convince Americans to see masculinity as the enemy.  But genetically women and men alike are hard wired to follow alpha males who display dominance and leadership – it’s in our DNA.  American women want our men to act like men.  And American men long for the machismo of yesterday.  Both are fed up with limp handed politicians and accompanying outrage over anything remotely masculine.

In walks Donald Trump: An ambitious, successful, crass talking, non-apologetic alpha male running for the most coveted power seat on the planet.  A feminist’s worst nightmare.  Yet, conservative women are swooning.  Donald Trump is the new American cowboy, the epitome of in your face masculinity.  His female supporters believe him when he says he loves women. They don’t care about his crass comments or his X-rated words or descriptions of his sexual conquests.  After all, women have been throwing their panties at rock stars like Trump for generations.

Men shake their head and fist pump in agreement when he talks about America being No. 1 again.  They’ve been craving to hear sentiments of confidence, bravado, bold and action after eight years of kowtowing and submissiveness.

Conservative American men relish the idea of an alpha male not taking orders from ankle grabbing European altruists.

While feminist scholars have posited that masculinity should not be conflated with leadership, others would point to feminist ideologies failing in Europe as proof that those ideals lack the strength to stand up to enemies intent on total capitulation.  While modern feminism may be America’s cross to bear, Trump has become the standard bearer of a society who has become estranged from the idea of masculinity itself: crass comments and all.


Faith Falise is a libertarian activist and author.

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