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Bow Down, Barack … Bow Down



By FITSNews  ||  More than any other nation (save our own) Saudi Arabia bears responsibility for the attacks perpetrated against the United States on September 11, 2001.  This truth would be common knowledge, too, were it not for the American government’s ongoing efforts to conceal it.

Saudi Arabia was also the nation pushing America toward war with Syria in 2013 … unsuccessfully.

Well guess what … America’s new war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has been launched with Saudi Arabian blessing,

According to The Wall Street Journal , though, that blessing “took months of behind-the-scenes work by the U.S. and Arab leaders, who agreed on the need to cooperate against Islamic State, but not how or when.”

Those negotiations “gave the Saudis leverage to extract a fresh U.S. commitment to beef up training for rebels fighting (Syrian president) Bashar al-Assad, whose demise the Saudis still see as a top priority.”

Great …

So in addition to attacking ISIS in Syria, America is now going to be attacking Assad  in Syria … or at the very least training his enemies (who oh by the way have agreed not to attack ISIS).


That’s the idea …

Last fall, Saudi Arabia signaled its intention to shift its allegiance away from the United States … which former U.S. Rep. Ron Paul argued was a good thing.

“Why does Saudi Arabia insist that the United States fight its battles?” Paul wrote. “The Saudis are strongly opposed to the governments in Syria and Iran so they expect the U.S. to attack. It is their neighborhood, why don’t they fight their own wars?”

Amen …

“If Saudi Arabia wants to pull back from its deep and unhealthy relationship with the United States we should welcome such a move,” Paul wrote.  “Then we might return to peace and commerce rather than sink under entangling alliances.”

Sadly, the Obama administration has pushed us in precisely the opposite direction …