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Beware The “False Flag” Attack




As the “War on Terror” heats up again following the United States’ foolish re-engagement in the Middle East, increasingly dire warnings are pointing to the possibility of terrorist attacks against the American homeland.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is reportedly already in Mexico preparing to launch a wave of vehicular bombings along the U.S. border.  Or so says Rick Perry, the Texas governor who is using the terror threat to burnish his 2016 presidential credentials.

Meanwhile in Washington, D.C., the typical fearmongering has been ramped up considerably in recent weeks – with the administration of Barack Obama escalating its rhetoric regarding the alleged danger ISIS poses to the American homeland.  “Republican” Senators are also joining in the fearmongering, with one even suggesting ISIS is “rapidly developing” the technology required to level an American city.

At this point in the process it’s worth raising a couple of very important points …

First, there very well could be a legitimate terror threat on the U.S. border – and it very well could be related to ISIS.  If so, this would fall under the “actions have consequences” category, in which violent militants respond to the meddling of the American government in places where it doesn’t belong (i.e. Syria, Gaza, Iraq or Ukraine).

Don’t get us wrong: America should absolutely act (and act with overwhelming force) if it uncovers a specific, credible threat to the U.S. homeland.  But that’s not what’s happening here.  In Iraq, our latest bombings were ostensibly humanitarian in nature – with a secondary goal of weakening ISIS capabilities.  That’s ironic because in Syria taxpayers supported ISIS and other groups fighting against president Bashar al-Assad.  Meanwhile in Gaza the federal government is subsidizing the Israeli war against the Palestinians – and in both Ukraine and Iraq we helped overthrow democratically elected rulers (including one in Iraq who was hand-picked by our Central Intelligence Agency).

In fact the same warmongers who wanted to invade Iran last year now want an alliance with the Muslim nation – ostensibly to stop the spread of ISIS.

And all of these ridiculous games are being played while our own nation’s economic outlook worsens …

Such a haphazard, hypocritical and costly interventionist approach serves no core American national security objective … and in fact invites violence against our country.

Which brings us to our second key point: That’s exactly what the warmongers want.

Wait … what?

Yup …

U.S. warmongers like John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Obama’s defense secretary Chuck Hagel know the American people aren’t interested in fighting another war in the Middle East.  In fact the public explicitly rejected an escalation in Syria – marking one of the first times in American history that the military-industrial complex was expressly rebuked.

The grisly beheading of American journalist James Foley by his ISIS captors appears to have been enough to maintain popular support for the current U.S. bombing campaign – and it may even push the needle far enough to start a Syrian bombings – but it is insufficient for the military-industrial complex’s long-term needs.



The only way to build sustained public support for ongoing American military operations in the Arab world is if America itself is attacked – by ISIS.

And if you think your government is above facilitating – or even perpetrating – such an attack, think again.

The website  ran a post late last week discussing the possibility of a “false flag” attack on U.S. soil.

What’s a “false flag?”  Easy: It’s when a country attacks itself (or permits itself to be attacked) in an effort to generate public support for armed action against a common enemy – in this case, ISIS.

“I believe the time is in fact ripe for a large scale false-flag on American soil,” the post’s author, Brandon Smith, wrote. “It may be a singular attack limited to a city or region, or, numerous smaller attacks executed in concert.  I see the media overload of ISIS fever as a means to condition the public to believe in the ISIS myth – the myth that they are a sophisticated international super-terrorist conglomerate; a real life Legion of Doom.  If Americans are conned into buying this myth, they may also be fooled into abandoning their Constitutional liberties and natural freedoms in the face of a well planned attack blamed on ISIS elements.”

Is Smith crazy?  No.  He’s done his homework on the role western intelligence has played in the formation of ISIS – including the unexplained detention and release of current ISIS “caliph” Ibrahim (a.k.a. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) by U.S. forces in Iraq.  He’s also done his homework regarding the role former U.S. detainees played in the 2012 attack on the American embassy in Libya that killed four U.S. citizens (including America’s ambassador to Libya).

“For centuries, political and financial elites have been sinking ships, setting buildings on fire, assassinating diplomats, overthrowing elected leaders, and blowing people up, then blaming these disasters on convenient scapegoats so that they can induce fear in the public and transfer more power to themselves,” he writes.

Hard to argue that point …

It’s also hard to argue that if a large-scale U.S. attack were to be successfully pinned on ISIS, that warmongers in Washington would be able to spend America’s blood and treasure with impunity – anywhere and in whatever denominations they wanted.

In other words the whole post-9/11 cycle of suppressed domestic freedom and costly military intervention overseas would repeat itself … hastening the erosion of our freedoms and digging future generations of taxpayers an even deeper hole.