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Hey Look! It’s John McCain And His “Terrorist” Friends




One of the occupational hazards of being a hypocritical warmonger slavishly serving the needs of the American military-industrial complex is you have to surrender pretty much every shred of credibility you ever had …

Take U.S. Sen. John McCain (RINO-Arizona) – who along with Sen. Lindsey Graham (RINO-S.C.)  is one of the top “war gods” in the federal government.

McCain and Graham are all over the administration of Barack Obama to launch a third crusade in Iraq – where fighters linked to al-Qaeda are about to overthrow a regime hand-picked by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) at the end of America’s second crusade.

The only problem?

To support their calls for military action, McCain and Graham are having to flip-flop multiple “allegiances.”

For starters, they are now condemning the same fighters they supported (the same fighters U.S. taxpayers are still subsidizing) in the civil war in Syria.  You know, these gentlemen.

They are also pushing for an alliance with Iran – the same country Graham wanted to invade less than a year ago (and the same country he said would detonate a nuclear device in Charleston harbor in the event America didn’t  support al-Qaeda backed fighters in Syria).

Dizzy yet?  We are …

Anyway, this week the “terrorist group” ISIS – or the “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” – released pictures of its members hamming it up with McCain, who helped secure all sorts of money and weapons for them.

Bear in mind this is the same group McCain called “the worst of the worst” earlier this month in advocating for American air strikes in Iraq.  It’s also the same group McCain says is planning attacks on the American homeland and U.S. military and diplomatic installations abroad.


Here’s the bottom line, people: If there is a terrorist attack in America perpetrated by ISIS or its affiliates, we will have no one to blame but John McCain, Lindsey Graham and the Washington sheeple who refused to stand up to them.