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Remember that narrow “humanitarian” bombing campaign in Iraq?

You know … the military intervention U.S. president Barack Obama launched because America’s nine-year occupation of the Middle Eastern country was such a rousing success?

Well guess what … it turns out (surprise) that the mission wasn’t humanitarian at all, but rather a sustained campaign aimed at weakening the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which according to the federal government is hiding under your bed ready to strike at your infidel heart like … any second now.

And the bombings in Iraq may soon spread to Syria – a country Obama and warmongering “Republicans” like Lindsey Graham wanted to invade last year (but couldn’t because public support for such a war was nonexistent).

Fast forward to now: According to the White House, bombing campaigns in Syria are not only “on the table,” but the administration has no intention of telling Syrian president Bashar al-Assad when it’s going to strike.

Apparently Obama also has no intention of seeking permission from the U.S. Congress for this latest expansion of the “War on Terror,” which celebrates its 13th birthday on October 7.

Here’s our question: Who, exactly, are we going to bomb this time?  Last time we checked America was supporting ISIS in Syria …