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‘Days Of Our Congressman’: The William Timmons Soap Opera Rolls On

Upstate “social conservative” remains at the center of a swirling soap opera …

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Congressman William Timmons was a good boy last month. Politically, anyway. The South Carolina “conservative” voted against a bill to hike the federal debt ceiling through the stratosphere – without any corresponding spending cuts.

Good for him, right?

Of course, Timmons represents one of the most right-leaning districts in America – meaning he’d likely have been tarred and feathered for handing the administration of Joe Biden a blank check to continue blowing trillions of dollars in fiat money on the pillaging of this country.

So maybe we should go easy on the attaboys …

While Timmons tries to restore his conservative bona fides as an elected official, sources familiar with the situation say he’s making an all-out effort to restore something else: His marriage.

How’s that effort coming? Well, he’s done the hard part … a.k.a. ripping off the mistress Band-Aid.

More on that in a moment …

As our regular audience is well aware, Timmons initiated his own sex scandal last spring via an unsolicited “prayers and privacy” statement issued to this news outlet. Timmons statement was provided in response to rumors of an extramarital affair with South Carolina socialite Paula Dhier. As I have often pointed out, this news outlet never asked Timmons for a statement about his affair – nor did we indicate we had any plans to publish a story on the allegations against him.

Conventional wisdom holds Timmons wanted the scandal to break … so he could break things off with his wife.

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Paula Dhier (Instagram)

“I would have never covered this story had Timmons’ team not decided to plant a preemptive public statement about it with my news outlet,” I noted last August.

Once the statement was out, though, the story blew up … and has continued to blow up thanks to the public theater of Upstate real estate developer Ron Rallis. The darling of housewives up and down Augusta Road, Rallis has been so good at ginning up drama in connection with this case that producers of the Bravo TV reality television show Southern Charm recently offered him a spot on their program. In late July 2022, Rallis walked into a West End Greenville church he previously purchased – and painted pink – and gave this news outlet an exclusive interview regarding his starring role in the Timmons’ sex scandal.

When the interview was over, Rallis boarded his private jet and headed to the Hamptons … but not before doing a few television interviews calling out the congressman for his infidelity.

Rallis has been so vocal about his ex-wife’s dalliances it recently earned him a criminal contempt charge in connection with his ongoing family court case with Dhier. He served three months on that charge in a Greenville jail – a harsh sentence considering accused and convicted killers are routinely set free by Palmetto State judges.



While incarcerated in Greenville, Rallis purchased a home on Folly Beach, S.C. – where he has reportedly been plotting his next moves with lawyer/ lover Erika Baldwin.  This news outlet has requested an interview with Rallis and Baldwin next month.

We will keep our audience posted on the status of our request, as Baldwin has emerged as quite a key player in this still-unfolding drama – both as Rallis’ attorney and his significant other.

Rallis hasn’t been the only one driving this narrative, though.

Timmons’ indignant response to the affair allegations only further fueled the conflagration. And the congressman invited additional scrutiny when he gave his estranged wife, Sarah Timmons, a valuable piece of property – apparently in exchange for her silence as it related to his dalliance(s).

Other alleged affairs involving Timmons attracted congressional attention – although it appears the recent “Republican” takeover of the U.S. House of Representatives has squelched those inquiries for the moment.

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Sarah Timmons (Facebook)

Timmons and his wife formally separated in November 2022, and his relationship with Dhier has been described as “off and on” since his separation was announced.

The latest status update? A definitive “off.”

According to my sources, Timmons recently attended a birthday celebration in Greenville for his longtime friend – wealthy Upstate apparel magnate Allan Stephenson. Prior to that gathering, Timmons was informed in no uncertain terms that Dhier was not welcome to accompany him to the party.

“Paula was explicitly not invited,” a source who attended these festivities told me.

Timmons reportedly told Stephenson the diss of Dhier was okay because the two “weren’t serious or exclusive.”

“He just moved her to Washington, D.C.,” the source said.

In fact, Timmons actually invited his estranged wife to the gathering – although she declined to attend.

Dhier was not happy. In response to the diss, she posted a video to her social media set to the tune of Taylor Swift‘s ‘Anti-Hero.’ The song contains a lyric about “covert narcissism” disguised as altruism – “like some kind of congressman.”

Take a look …

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Paula Dhier (Instagram)

Congressman, eh?

“That choice of lyrics was not accidental,” a source confirmed.

Timmons did meet with his estranged wife in downtown Greenville last weekend, and is reportedly working overtime in the hopes of rekindling their relationship.

In addition to being embroiled in a nasty divorce/ custody case with Rallis, Dhier is reportedly in danger of being sued by a former employee. As I reported last month, Dhier has been accused of using the name and email address of this individual to send “salacious” messages to various recipients – messages which purportedly included “nude photos of herself.”

According to our sources, attorneys for Dhier and the former employee have been in negotiations ever since our story on these alleged photos was published.

As for Timmons’ political future, he ran unopposed for a third term in congress last fall – after the scandal broke. However, a write-in candidate scored a surprisingly high 9.19 percent of the vote against him. Several credible GOP challengers are said to be eyeing primary bids against Timmons next spring. Even before his scandal, Timmons narrowly avoided a runoff in his previous primary race against a field of uninspiring challengers – drawing an unimpressive 52.69 percent of the vote.

Adam Morgan – a state representative from Greenville and chairman of the S.C. Freedom Caucus – is reportedly planning to campaign against Timmons in next spring’s GOP primary election for the fourth congressional district.



Will Folks (Brett Flashnick)

Will Folks is the founding editor of the news outlet you are currently reading. Prior to founding FITSNews, he served as press secretary to the governor of South Carolina. He lives in the Midlands region of the state with his wife and seven children.



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Will Folks


Bill Folks has always been nuts June 15, 2023 at 11:15 pm

Dude, your lack of grace is staggering. I may shop what I personally know about you to national news outlets, because of its implications to the presidential election. If just the unknown stuff comes to light, its 1,000 reasons your a psycho and haley is an assailed genius. Your readership doesn’t care but on some level your family has to, maybe? You might (?) care, finally? Redemption is constantly possible.

Clemson McDaniel III June 16, 2023 at 1:14 pm

Nuts is relative and leaving a comment like this and calling him nuts is equally screwy. Weird…it seems written almost like blackmail, which would be typical coming out of an area ruled by gossip. Everyone knows upstate politics is run by a bunch of charlatans. They are more frontier people than the southerners they play. As long as the wives live off of Augusta rd. and get the golden ticket to GCC then their husbands can do whatever they please. They also play Christians on Sundays and turn a blind eye to hunting trips to South America where the husbands have their way with ……Rallis’s sentence should be investigated. Typical Greenville justice. Place still plays small town while trying to be in the big leagues. old corrupt ways about to blow up nationally. We ask the lord and his almighty power to cleanse the upstate of these evildoers who know nothing of decency and have hurt so many.

Ralph Hightower Top fan June 17, 2023 at 5:39 am

Well I hear you went up to Saratoga
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You’re So Vain – Carly Simon

Bless his heart.


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