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#SC2018: Preemptive Endorsement




The field for the 2018 “Republican” gubernatorial primary in South Carolina is far from set.  But in the event State Senator Tom Davis decides to jump into the race, he will have our vote … and our endorsement.

No matter who else announces …

Is this because Davis, an attorney from Beaufort, S.C., is representing this website in an ongoing source protection case?  Or is it perhaps because he is a longtime friend of our founding editor, Will Folks?

Those things matter … surely.  And we won’t insult your intelligence by pretending they don’t.

But the real reason we will support Davis’ bid for governor (assuming he launches one) has absolutely nothing to do with our personal/ professional proximity to the man – and everything to do with the principled advocacy he has brought to bear on a host of issues during his tenure in the State Senate.

Whether we knew Davis from Adam, the fact remains: He is right on the issues.  And he advances them the right way.

In a government dominated by corrupt power-brokers – and sustained by mindless followers eager to move up the legislative ladder – Davis is the rare authentic voice.  He intelligently, articulately and passionately advances common sense reforms that would shatter the state’s demonstrably failed status quo and chart a compelling new course for South Carolina.

For those of you tracking the Palmetto State’s outcomes economicallyacademically or in regards to infrastructurepublic safety or other core functions, it’s not hard to see how desperately our state needs to adopt such a new approach.

In 2015 and again last year, Davis burst onto the statewide stage by successfully blocking proposed gas tax hikes by holding up debate on the bill.  This year, unfortunately, Davis’ colleagues voted to “sit him down” and move forward with a massive tax hike over his objections.

The status quo won that battle … but they may be losing the war.

Buoyed by the gas tax fight, Davis continues to win converts all over the state for his advocacy on numerous issues – including parental choice, individual income tax relief, government restructuring and the decriminalization of medical marijuana.

He’s carved out a niche for himself amongst fiscal conservatives and libertarian-leaning GOP voters … and has a solid base of national support following his high-profile “First in the South” presidential endorsements of former congressman Ron Paul in 2012 and U.S. Senator Rand Paul in 2016.

Can Davis translate all of that into a credible gubernatorial campaign?  We don’t know … but if he runs, we will be in his corner.



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