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Nikki Haley’s Iranian Problem




Back in 2014 when the U.S.-Iran nuclear deal was still being negotiated, S.C. governor Nikki Haley signed a law prohibiting South Carolina from investing funds (or negotiating contracts) with companies that pumped $20 million or more into the Islamic republic’s energy sector.

After the controversial deal was reached, Haley joined other “Republican” governors (including Chris Christie, John Kasich and Scott Walker) in penning a letter to U.S. president Barack Obama informing him of their objections.

“The lifting of federal sanctions that will result from this agreement will only result in Iran having more money available to fund terrorist groups and attacks,” the letter (.pdf) stated. “The people of our states will not be safer as a result of this agreement, much less citizens of countries like Israel which Iran has threatened to destroy.”

The letter added that “various state-level sanctions that are now in effect (will) remain in effect.”

Tough talk …

Obviously Obama’s deal passed the U.S. Congress thanks to yet another “Republican” surrender.  And thanks to some undisclosed advocacy from aircraft manufacturer Boeing, which just entered into a $25 billion deal to sell airplanes to Iran.

Boeing, of course, has received more than $1 billion in crony capitalist, taxpayer-funded subsidies from the state of South Carolina.  Haley has not only embraced these handouts, she has been Boeing’s biggest cheerleader.

She’s also led the the push to keep Big Labor from gaining a foothold at Boeing’s North Charleston, S.C. facility … although those efforts have opened her up to some pretty spectacular allegations of hypocrisy.

Simply put: Haley is in a box.

On the one hand, she is on the record ripping companies doing business with Iran as enablers of terrorist activity (and has signed legislation blocking their investment).  On the other hand, the biggest crony capitalist company in her state is now doing business with the Islamic republic to the tune of $25 billion.

What’s a sellout to do?

We wrote earlier this year about how Haley’s command economic endeavors have not benefited South Carolina’s economy – and since our piece ran the supporting evidence has only mounted (here and here).

Seems like an ideal time for Haley to make a break with crony capitalism if you ask us … although our suspicion is she will stick with her corporate bosses.