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The Evolution Of Nikki Haley, Crony Capitalist, Is Complete …




When she was elected governor in 2010, then-S.C. Rep. Nikki Haley was a Tea Partier who decried crony capitalism.  In fact when the uber-liberal S.C. Chamber of Commerce endorsed her Democratic opponent, S.C. Senator Vincent Sheheen, her campaign went on the offensive.

“The state Chamber is a big fan of bailouts and corporate welfare, so it’s no surprise that they would prefer a liberal like Vincent Sheheen over a conservative like Nikki Haley,” her campaign said at the time.

We concurred with Haley’s assessment, accusing the organization of “command economic scheming for years, aggressively supporting new spending and bureaucratic expansion as a way of ‘stimulating’ government growth at the expense of the small businesses they’re supposed to be supporting.”

Seriously … the S.C. Chamber of Commerce has never met a tax or spending increase it didn’t support, and while it claims to be the “unified voice of business” in the Palmetto State the truth is it represents only those businesses getting government handouts.

Your business?  Yeah right.  Your business is picking up the tab for the bailouts.

Anyway, what a difference five years makes …

Haley – who was elected governor opposing this sort of nonsense – is now the undisputed queen of the very bailouts and corporate welfare she once derided.

In fact she’s been so thoroughly subservient to these liberal special interests that the S.C. Chamber has decided to make her its 2015 “Public Servant of the Year.”

“We are blessed to live in a place where our Governor has put her heart and soul into making our state and the business community better,” said chamber president Ted Pitts, a former Haley staffer, in conferring the honor.


Well, we’re glad the “business community” is doing alright, but what about those income levels?  What about that lagging labor participation?

Yeah …

Haley had the right idea when she was running for governor: Put the people’s economic interests ahead of the government’s and the special interests.  Unfortunately, upon being elected she sold out to the status quo. Hard.

This “award” is further evidence of her ongoing betrayal …