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“Republicans” Fail To Block Iran Deal




|| By FITSNEWS || “Republicans” in the U.S. Congress fell two votes shy of blocking president Barack Obama‘s nuclear deal with Iran – the latest high-profile failure of the so-called “majority” party in Washington, D.C.

Of course the real failure occurred months ago – when U.S. Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee (this guy) sponsored a bill which flipped the typical treaty ratification process on its head.

That bill – which passed both chambers by overwhelming margins back in April – was branded as a way to “give Congress a vote” on the Iran deal.  Unfortunately, all Corker’s bill did was grease the skids for a widely pilloried deal that had previously been viewed as “dead on arrival.”

According to Americans for Limited Government (ALG) President Rick Manning, Corker’s legislation “turned the normal treaty ratification process on its head by requiring a veto override of two-thirds votes in both houses in order to stop the deal rather than the constitutionally required two-thirds majority in the Senate for ratification.”

Manning says the deal Obama has submitted “is in fact a treaty” and that GOP Senators should treat it as such.

“The Senate should consider the deal as a treaty under Article II of the Constitution, requiring a two-thirds ratification vote of senators present, take it up, and defeat it,” he said.

We agree …

This website has never bought into the scaremongering over Iran – whether it’s coming from crazy, liberal Republicans or our socialist/ fascist president.  But we don’t believe our government should dole out billions of dollars to the radical Islamic nation either.

It’s a taxpayer issue to us …

More to the point: If the Constitution says U.S. presidents needs the approval of two-thirds of the Senate to pass a treaty like this, what on earth is the GOP doing screwing around with that?