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The #NeverTrump Bitterness Is Real




Donald Trump is the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.  Except hold up … nobody else is still running for president as a “Republican,” right?  Everybody else dropped out, didn’t they?

Yes … as of today.

So why “presumptive?”  Why aren’t we calling him “the Republican nominee?”

Because of people like Patrick Ruffini, that’s why.

Ruffini – an establishment GOP stalwart – is one of dozens of insiders still pressing the #NeverTrump narrative.  In fact he boasted this week on his Twitter page that a #NeverTrump petition he’s been promoting had crossed the 30,000-signature threshold.

He also fired this shot across the bow of Trump supporters …


Wanna know why these insiders are now on the outside looking in? 

Because they sold out their own people … whom they now want to insult for standing up for themselves.

For the real scoop on why Trump is the GOP nominee, click on this excellent post from our friend Rick Manning of Americans for Limited Government.

Or … go back and read our endorsement of Trump prior to the 2016 “First in the South” presidential primary.

Specifically this line …

The GOP can attack Trump all it wants.  And its minions can attack us for supporting him – just as they attacked us and called us names when we endorsed Rand Paul.  But the real blame lies not with us, but with countless “Republican” politicians at the local, state and national level who have spent years lying to us and taking us for granted.

Yup …

In 2012, the GOP establishment got its man in Mitt Romney.  He was moderate and “electable,” and the party told us to join him … or else (while at the same time telling us our ideas were not welcome under the “Republican” tent).

Funny how those who demanded fealty to Romney back then are now declaring their independence from Trump … even though it certainly seems as though they represent the smallest of the competing “Republican” factions.

We shouldn’t be surprised, though. This is the “Republican” establishment. To expect anything from them at this point other than shrill hypocrisy would obviously be expecting too much.