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The Republican Party is going out of its way to highlight racial diversity at its 2012 convention … but God forbid anyone express an ideological position that runs counter to its mushy middling on taxes and spending.

Take the GOP’s snub of U.S. Rep. Ron Paul – who dared to offer specific policy in support of the limited government principles the Republican Party is supposed to stand for.

(The nerve of that guy, right?)

Anyway, not only did GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s convention organizers refuse to let Paul address the quadrennial gathering (despite the fact that he received 2 million votes during the 2012 primary), but Paul’s delegates are being shortchanged as well in an effort to further limit his impact.  Not only that, the party’s rules are being rewritten in an effort to keep anti-establishment candidates from wreaking any additional havoc in the future.

The message to libertarian-leaning Republicans? “You are not welcome here.”

“Seems to me they would be begging and pleading for us to come into the party,” Paul told his supporters at a rally prior to the convention.

Nope.  Not even a little bit.

“Votes, please …”

Republicans want one thing from Ron Paul’s supporters: Their votes.  They don’t want to earn those votes, mind you, they just want them – and they believe that they are entitled to them by virtue of the fact that their pseudo-socialist nominee is running against a pseudo-socialist president.  And of course the mainstream media has been in on the ruse from the beginning – first ignoring Paul, then branding him as a kook.

But now the gig is up … Romney is “the nominee,” and in the lemming-laden world of Republican politics, anyone who doesn’t “jump on the team” and “come on in for the big win” is to be vilified.  We addressed this issue back in January with a nifty metaphor from Full Metal Jacket … and we’re seeing the interplay we described at work as the friction between Paul supporters and establishment Republicans ramps up during Romney’s big coming out party in Tampa.

The takeaway is unmistakable though … there is simply no room in the new Republican tent for those people who endorse traditionally “Republican” fiscal values.  There is only room for those who swallow the rhetoric of special interest-fed blowhards intent on eroding our liberties and digging this nation’s fiscal hole even deeper than it already is.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, if Republicans wanted our votes – they should have nominated a presidential candidate we can support.

Instead, they’ve chosen a candidate who supported socialized medicine and tax hikes … you know, before he was against both of those things (here and here). 

As we wrote back in April when Romney clinched the nomination:

Republicans haven’t nominated a candidate … they’ve nominated an Etch a Sketch, a weather vane, a finger in the wind, a walking talking point, a paranoid android with no pre-programmed ideological bearing. And they’ve done so because a frightened plurality of them believe he is the only one capable of defeating Obama … well, and because (with one notable exception) the other choices were every bit as ideologically bankrupt.

Exactly …

The GOP had a chance to earn the votes of fiscal conservatives and social libertarians this year.  They didn’t – so fuck them.  And as for all those Romney-philes demanding that we pull the lever for their guy or face four more years of Barack Obama – seriously, what’s the difference?

“Don’t throw your vote away,” more than a few Republicans have told us upon learning of our intention to vote for Libertarian party nominee Gary Johnson.

We’re not … but that’s what all of you out there voting for Willard Hussein are doing.