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The 2012 GOP presidential field is an outright abomination, people … as we’ve noted on several previous occasions. Its thoroughly depressing to us that such a critical election challenge (at such a vital time in the history of the Republic) has been met by such an abysmal Republican field.

Yet rather than nominate a candidate who will actually fight for the ideals upon which the Republican Party and this country were founded, the GOP has instead seen fit to elevate a trio of ideological traitors. And now the would be Traitor-in-Chief – whose own socialized medicine monstrosity formed the basis for Barack Obama’s economically-crippling plan – is urging all of us to “get on board” with his campaign.

Just as we predicted …

The specific appeal we’re referring to comes from the folks at Mitt Romney Central – who go to great lengths in describing how they (like the Romney SuperPAC) have an abundance of passion for the flip-flopping Bay Stater but no actual connection to his campaign.

Anyway … their pitch starts subtly enough …

“We feel a kinship to the ardent supporters of Senator (Rick) Santorum, Speaker (Newt) Gingrich, and Congressman (Ron) Paul and wish to invite you to join us in our efforts to defeat President Barack Obama in November,” the website’s authors write. “We are well aware of the differences we have and we are sensitive to the fact that those differences are important to you. We understand too that the policy positions of any one presidential candidate will not align perfectly with another. That said, we know that Governor Romney has far more in common with your candidate than you may yet understand.”

Um … with the notable exception of Ron Paul we don’t necessarily disagree with that premise … although in our minds that’s another reason NOT to vote for Romney.

Anyway, the establishment “Republican” pandering continues with faux humility … careful not to tread on the delicate sensibilities of GOP primary voters currently affiliated with other candidates.

“Until (Romney) is the actual Republican nominee, we will work tirelessly to contribute any way we can, using truth as our only tool; even when he has 1,130 committed delegates,” the website’s author’s wax on. “We would like your help to build a larger volunteer base to defeat Obama. We are not asking you to leave your candidate as much as we are asking you to join our team – a winning team we believe.”

A winning “Borg,” you mean.

In fact, as this appeal continues, its assimilation objective becomes even more plainly stated.

“You may decide now is not the time to join us and we understand that too,”  its authors write. “We just want you to know that we would like you to join us sooner rather than later.”

How soon?

“With this invitation to you, we think the time to unite in our efforts to defeat Obama is right now – today.”

Make no mistake, beating Barack Obama is an admirable objective … as evidenced by the fiscal disaster that would ensue in the event he receives a second term.

But is Romney the guy to beat Obama?

No … not ideologically, and not from an electability standpoint, either.

Accordingly, we decline the invitation to be assimilated – while at the same time reminding the Romney Borg of what we’ve been saying throughout this election, that it’s not up to us to “get on board” with a fundamentally flawed candidate, its up to the GOP to get back to its stated fundamentals.