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Why Nikki Haley Is Picking A Fight …




|| By FITSNEWS ||  All of a sudden, S.C. governor Nikki Haley is picking a fight with her “Republican” allies in the S.C. General Assembly.   In fact, it’s escalated in recent days to the point where our founding editor felt compelled to devote an entire column to it.

But why is she fighting?  What’s driving the middle school drama?

It’s certainly not issues …

After all, Haley’s “ethics reform” bill (the issue which, on the surface, appears to have her most riled up) is a joke.  And when it comes to battling over tax dollars, Haley proposed a massive $25.7 billion spending plan two months ago.

Are we now supposed to believe she’s a taxpayer hero for opposing a $500 million borrowing provision?  Especially after she supported precisely the same provisions in the past?  For even larger amounts of debt?

Please …

Haley has not found religion on spending.  During her first term as governor, she advanced a fiscally liberal agenda on taxesspendingeducation and (most notably) government-subsidized health care.

In other words, for four years she did exactly as the fiscally liberal “Republican” legislature wanted her to do – vetoing less than one-tenth of one percent of the current state budget, for crying out loud.

Yet now … as national media attention focuses on South Carolina’s “First in the South” presidential primary … Haley wants to assail her former colleagues as fiscal liberals?

Obviously they are … but here’s the thing: So is she.

So … if not issues … what’s driving this battle?

The most convenient explanation is that Haley – who is furiously attempting to reboot her national image – wants to establish a “Me versus Them” narrative in advance of the upcoming 2016 presidential primary election.  Specifically, she wants to establish her conservative bona fides (at the expense of liberal lawmakers) in anticipation of endorsing a presidential contender.

Then she wants to profit politically from said endorsement.

Driving that process?  Her consultant Jon Lerner … the mastermind of her infamous “Savannah River Sellout” back in 2012 (in which she shamelessly traded our state’s economic best interests in exchange for thirty pieces of silver – and a speaking slot at the Republican National Convention).

The most likely candidate to receive a Haley endorsement?  At this point it would appear to be Wisconsin governor Scott Walker … although if he flames out, Haley could latch onto another up-and-coming GOP “flavor of the month.”  Or she could do what she did last go-round: Embrace the national establishment frontrunner.

Whatever she decides to do, this time – unlike last time – Haley’s endorsement is shaping up as something of value.

But to what end?

What does Haley hope to get from lending her imprimatur to one of the “Republican” Sixteeners?

The most common rumor is that Haley wants to be vice president – although at this point it should be abundantly clear she would never survive the vetting for such a high-profile position.  And we’re not just talking about her multiple affairs, we’re talking about THIS.  And THIS.

So … what, then?  A cabinet post?  An ambassadorship?

We recently spoke with a national advisor to one of the top 2016 campaigns about Haley.  This advisor’s candidate is one of many actively courting a Haley endorsement.  Offered anonymity to speak freely, though, they invoked an interesting appointment possibility.

“Micronesia,” the advisor said.

What’s that?

“The Federated States of Micronesia,” the advisor clarified, noting an ambassadorship to this sparsely populated assemblage of southern Pacific islands was “about the best (Haley) can hope for.”

Ouch.  For those of you not hip on your West Wing trivia, this ambassadorship was referenced on the hit television drama as an example of a low-level executive appointment.

Is that really the best Haley can hope for?  Poor girl …

In the run-up to 2012, Haley’s popularity in South Carolina was in the toilet – meaning her presidential endorsement was nothing short of toxic.  But her national star was on the rise.  This go-round she’s more popular than ever at home – yet her national prospects have taken a beating.

That’s the bottom line: And no amount of pointless bickering with her fellow “Republicans” is going to change it.