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Nikki Haley Education Plan: More Government



What’s a “Tea Party” governor’s solution for fixing the nation’s worst government-run system of education?

If you answered “more government spending,” you’d be correct – at least as it relates to S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley.  Once among the Palmetto State’s preeminent supporters of market-based education reform (and funding reform), Haley has now completed her ideological U-turn by proposing to pour an additional $156 million into South Carolina’s failed status quo.

Haley wants to pump $97 million into districts with high poverty rates, $30 million into new reading coaches and $29 million into new technology.

“Providing every child in South Carolina with the same educational opportunities isn’t just something we should talk about – it’s something we should be actively fighting to achieve and that is what we are doing today,” Haley said.

Wow … so says the woman who hasn’t substantively addressed education once since her 2010 campaign …

South Carolina already spends $12,000 per child on government-run education – not counting bond money.  That’s more than four times the average private school tuition.

What’s that investment gotten us?

Nothing … in fact South Carolina is falling even further behind the rest of the nation.

Nikki Haley used to understand what it took to reverse this chronic failure. Sadly, once she got the GOP nomination in 2010 she began to abandon her support for parental choice in favor of more middling “reforms.”

Now she’s totally in the pocket of the same failed establishment she used to rail against …

Oh well, ideological reversals (at the expense of the taxpayers) are sadly nothing new to Haley.

Pic: Travis Bell Photography