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SC Tea Party Leader Defends Ted Cruz




|| By FITSNEWS || One of South Carolina’s most influential Tea Party leaders took to social media this week to defend U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas from “false and frivolous attacks” he says are emanating from the liberal end of the American political spectrum.

Joe Dugan – head of the S.C. Tea Party Coalition – posted a message on the Facebook pages of multiple “Republican” activists telling them not to respond to the attacks against Cruz.  Instead, he told activists to “make the most efficient use of your time by spreading his Courageous Conservative message to Imagine an America where citizens inalienable rights were still guaranteed by adherence to our Constitution!”

Dugan’s message led to a post on the organization’s Facebook page, which made a similar plea.

“Don’t get sucked into wasting your time trying to answer all the inane attacks on Cruz,” the post read. “If any of them had any merit, he would answer them himself. Stay focused on getting the positive Courageous Conservative Cruz message out to those otherwise patriotic citizens who need to understand how important it is for them to come out in droves, to vote in the 2016 Presidential primaries.”

Neither message specified which attacks were being lobbed against Cruz … although they most likely refer to coverage of Cruz going on Obamacare, the socialized medicine monstrosity he built his national profile opposing.

Liberals – including the White House press secretary – have mocked Cruz for his alleged hypocrisy on the issue.

Is that fair? Eh … maybe.

Although he hasn’t been a factor according to early polling here in early voting South Carolina, Cruz has built a devoted following amongst the state’s Tea Partiers.  Numerous conservative activists – especially those located in the vote-rich Upstate region of South Carolina – swear by his candidacy, and seem to be flocking to his banner.

That’s early confirmation of our recent report attesting to Cruz’s viability in the Palmetto State.

Of course more libertarian-leaning “Republicans” – including supporters of U.S. Senator Rand Paul – are taking shots at Cruz from the opposite end of the political spectrum.  In fact we’ll have a report on the latest such broadside momentarily …