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“National Nikki” Haley Ramps Up … Again




|| By FITSNEWS || South Carolina governor Nikki Haley was once a rising star in the “Republican” party … but in recent years her trajectory appears to have, well, “reoriented.”  The nadir?  When the Palmetto State’s chief executive was passed over for the chairmanship of the Republican Governors Association – a gig Haley and her acolytes were sure they had sewn up.

What happened?  Opinions vary … but Haley is currently doing her level best to get back in the game.

Assessing the status of those efforts?  A new national piece by NBC reporter Leigh Ann Caldwell.

“Is Nikki Haley Poised for a National Comeback?” Caldwell’s headline blares before she delves into the latest speculation surrounding South Carolina’s recently reelected governor.

Well … what’s the verdict?

“Haley’s political history has been as eventful and colorful as any political bestselling novel – and it fits accordingly with the rough-and-tumble politics of South Carolina,” Caldwell wrote.  “She has ridden the drama, which has endeared her to her supporters and created enemies among others, to become the first woman and first Indian-American to govern the Palmetto State.”

Yeah … we know all about Haley “riding” drama.  Where is this story going?

“While she has triumphed politically in South Carolina, outperforming many of her opponents and winning reelection, her embroiled trajectory to the top of Palmetto State politics has also caused her to fall off the national Republican’s radar,” Caldwell continued.  “Political consultants fear that Haley presents too much risk.”

Hmmmm …

Caldwell’s piece included the latest unattributed national skepticism regarding whether Haley could survive the scrutiny that goes with a national campaign (an angle pioneered last year by reporter McKay Coppins).  But she also scored a nice on-the-record quote from a local political science professor – Francis Marion University Alissa Warters – that especially stung Haley.

“She brings nothing to the ticket except for her gender and ethnicity,” Warters said, adding that Haley “can’t help you win South Carolina because it’s already in the bag.”

Ouch …

We would also humbly point to Haley’s first term in office … during which time she advanced a fiscally liberal agenda on taxesspendingeducation and (most notably) government-subsidized health care.

Because that’s a much bigger problem than her prior amorous entanglements …

Anyway, to read Caldwell’s piece … which is actually a pretty balanced take on Haley’s national aspirations … click HERE.