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Obamatrade: Nowhere For Supporters To Hide




|| By FITSNEWS ||  While the mainstream media in the Palmetto State has remained silent, this website has written extensively in recent months against “Obamatrade” – or a move by some in Congress to hand over even more power to the administration of Barack Obama.

Obamatrade is crony capitalism at its worst … an effort to put a set of narrow special interests (hand-picked by Obama) in charge of a massive trade deal with Asian nations.  Even the free traders over at The Cato Institute have questioned the deal for doling out “special privileges to foreign corporations” and “subsidizing discretionary outsourcing.”

What does that mean?  We’ll translate: It means we’re going to pay companies to ship away jobs that could be done in America at a comparable cost.

Does that sound like a good reason to further embolden Obama?  Of course not …

Obamatrade is bad for America (see HERE and HERE).  And it’s especially bad for South Carolina (HERE and HERE).  Which is why we have called on our state’s “conservative” congressional delegation to oppose it – joining those responsible members of the U.S. Congress who have already taken a stand.

In fact why would any “Republican” support this nonsense?  Good question …

This week Cato’s blog drew our attention to an argument being advanced by some “Republicans” in Congress … specifically that Obamatrade would advance American foreign policy “by strengthening alliances and containing China’s influence in the Asia-Pacific region.”




That’s pure fiction …

“This is an appealing fall-back for those who don’t like the deal’s content, but is at best one of the weaker arguments in favor,” wrote Alan Beattie of Financial Times. “Whether or not agreements help strategic alliances, the intrusive and one-sided nature of pacts negotiated with the US can arouse resentment as well as cooperation.”

In other words America is playing a game of hardball with foreign nations that will benefit a select set of special interests, not (as we have demonstrated) consumers and taxpayers.

Leading the charge against Obamatrade has been Rick Manning – president of Americans for Limited Government.  Earlier this month, Manning wrote the definitive rebuke of this deal – quoting none other than the father of the free market himself, Adam Smith, who urged “the most suspicious attention” of any new government edict over commerce.

“It comes from an order of men whose interest is never exactly the same with that of the public, who have generally an interest to deceive and even to oppress the public, and who accordingly have, upon many occasions, both deceived and oppressed it,” Smith wrote of such regulations.

Amen to that …

Manning – whose organization has launched an anti-Obamatrade petition – has made it abundantly clear that members of Congress who vote in support of Obamatrade are not only acting against the free market, but further emboldening Obama and the liberal special interests backing his increasingly aggressive power plays.

“Apparently, they have never read Adam Smith’s cautionary statement about this exact type of corporate cronyism,” Manning wrote.  “A cronyism where President Obama gets to be the arbiter over whose corporate interests are served and whose are not without even a shred of transparency.  Based upon the Obama track record and Adam Smith’s prescient writings, Congress should maintain every bit of their authority over this President’s treaty power by resoundingly denying him trade promotion authority.”

Again … amen to that (are you listening, Mark Sanford?) …

We believe in free trade.  We abhor protectionism.  We embrace the wisdom of French economist Frédéric Bastiat‘s maxim: “When goods don’t cross borders, soldiers will.”

But Obamatrade is neither free nor fair.  It is a backroom deal that would let wealthy special interests bypass congressional oversight so they can cut backroom deals that will hurt American workers – and undercut our rule of law.

Any “Republican” who votes for that – especially one from a state which relies on exports – is betraying his or her own people, simple as that.

Wanna tell your lawmakers how you feel on this issue?  Click the link below …