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Time For SC Congressmen To Unite Against “Obamatrade”




|| By FITSNEWS || This website has written extensively on the folly of “Obamatrade,” a.k.a. an effort by liberal GOP Speaker John Boehner and other special interest-fed politicians in Washington, D.C. to permit left-leaning crony capitalists appointed by Barack Obama to negotiate a new Pacific Rim trade agreement.

This deal is so bad in so many ways … which we’ve addressed at the national level (HERE and HERE) and also at the state level (HERE and HERE).  But we’ll boil it down thusly: Obamatrade would let wealthy special interests bypass congressional oversight so they can cut backroom deals that will hurt American workers.

And especially South Carolina workers …

Well guess what … according to a story in The Wall Street Journal, the bipartisan opposition to “Obamatrade” may have a fighting chance.

“A diverse bloc of House Republicans is threatening to join Democrats in opposition to the White House’s trade push,” the paper reported this week, highlighting a coalition of “tea-party disciples and other conservatives (who) oppose fast track because they say it shifts too much trade authority from Congress to the president under their reading of the Constitution.”

Excellent …

This emerging coalition has forced Boehner to rely – once again – on his own coalition of Democrats and liberal “Republicans” as he pursues yet another costly accommodation of Obama.  And the clock is ticking … Boehner wants a deal done before April, when the issue could potentially seep over into the 2016 presidential campaign.

Which Boehner doesn’t want because GOP candidates are likely to oppose handing Obama more power … and another political victory.

South Carolina’s so-called “conservative” congressional delegation is partly to blame for this mess.  After all with the exception of U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, each one of these “Republicans” (Trey Gowdy, Mick Mulvaney, Tom Rice, Mark Sanford and Joe Wilsonvoted for Boehner back in January.

That sort of sellout can’t happen here …

In fact this is a golden opportunity for these “conservatives” to show South Carolina that while they may have backed Boehner for Speaker, they’re not going to bend to his will on issues that adversely impact the people of the Palmetto State.