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SC Farmers Would Suffer Under “Obamatrade”




|| By FITSNEWS || There’s a big mystery down in Clarendon County, S.C. – where police are investigating the mass murder of more than 300,000 chickens ($1.7 million worth of birds).

No one seems to know what happened …

What’s not a mystery, though?  The devastation that would befall South Carolina’s chicken (and turkey) industry if the U.S. Congress approves “Obamatrade.”  As we noted in a recent piece, a 2011 Korean trade deal has sent U.S. chicken and turkey exports to Korea plunging by 45 and 44 percent, respectively.

Why should South Carolinians care about that?

Well according to 2012 data, chickens were a $759 million annual business in the Palmetto State – which ranks ninth nationally in “broiler” production (broilers are chickens raised for their meat).  Wanna talk turkey?  Good … because that industry generated $359 million for the state’s economy in 2012, which ranked South Carolina sixth in the nation for turkey production.

Together we’re talking $1.1 billion, people …

This website has consistently opposed taxpayer funding for farm subsidies – and for agricultural marketing efforts.  But just because we don’t believe in handouts for farmers (which have been proven to benefit large farms at the expense of their small and mid-sized competitors) that doesn’t mean we think they should get screwed over in the name of “free trade.”

And let’s be clear, Obama’s push for “fast-track” authorization of the massive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is not “free trade.”  Nor is it “fair trade.”  It’s crony capitalism: The subsidization of outsourcing for the benefit of a select few.

And beyond its negative economic repercussions, it’s yet another Obama power grab … one which would grant all sorts of rights to foreign corporations while eroding the rule of law here at home.

The more we learn about “Obamatrade” the more convinced we become that it would be terrible for the country … and for the Palmetto State.

Let’s just hope our state’s “conservative” congressional delegation agrees …