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Oklahoma Lawmaker Opposes “Obamatrade”



|| By FITSNEWS ||  In what we sincerely hope will be a preview of announcements from South Carolina’s “conservative” GOP congressional delegation, U.S. Rep. Steve Russell of Oklahoma came out this week against “Obamatrade” – the crony capitalist attempt by the administration of Barack Obama to usurp congressional authority over trade deals.

FITS has written several times previously about this issue (HERE and HERE) … and the adverse effects this latest Obama power grab would have on the South Carolina economy (HERE and HERE).

Anyway, Russell wrote an column in The Hill explaining his opposition to Obamatrade – saying he was “alarmed” Congress would give up its trade oversight and “expand this president’s authority given how he has extended executive overreach.”

“For Congress to cede oversight on such a sweeping agreement could have grave implications,” he wrote.  “The American people must be at the table – and they can be, through their elected representatives in Congress.”

We agree …

Rick Manning, president of the advocacy group Americans for Limited Government, praised Russell for opposing “such an extraordinary grant of power.”

“After Obama has seized so many legislative powers from Congress, why would Republicans now give him a free pass to rewrite the rules of the global economy?” Manning asked.

And that, in a nutshell, is the question South Carolina’s delegation needs to be asking itself right about now …