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Federalist Poll Shows GOP Fracture



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|| By FITSNEWS  ||  It’s happening again … and there doesn’t appear to be anything anyone can do to stop it.

We’re referring, of course, to the quadrennial election of an American president – which has followed an eerily predictable pattern in 2008 and 2012.  It’s gone like this: An “electable” status quo candidate with support from the left-leaning media and the “Republican” establishment gets swept to the GOP nomination – via Borg-like assimilation.

At that point, the media shifts its narrative on a dime and begins perpetuating marginal distinctions between two eerily similar ideologues – hoping to portray the big government “Republican” nominee as unfeeling or “out-of-touch” next to the bigger government Democrat.

Real choices?  Those (along with real reforms) are ignored.

Anyway, the old playbook is being dusted off again in 2016 as it relates to the candidacy of Jeb Bush (story HERE) – the former Florida governor who is hoping to follow his father and his brother into the White House.

Bush, a left-of-center “Republican,” is being touted as the electable frontrunner – while everyone else (a.k.a. the libertarian-leaning, pro-free market wing of the GOP) is being told to fall in line.

Same as it ever was …

Vying to upset this apple cart?  Among others, a pair of “conservative” U.S. Senators – Rand Paul (story HERE) and Ted Cruz (story HERE).

At this very early stage of the 2016 “Republican” presidential horse race, Paul and Cruz represent the top two “non-establishment” candidates vying for the GOP nomination.  Both have solid pro-free market voting records, and both have staged impassioned filibusters in Washington, D.C. in recent years – Paul in protest of the war on freedom, Cruz in protest of Obamacare.

In fact those filibusters helped cement their anti-establishment status … and popularity with grassroots conservatives.

To wit: An online straw poll from The Federalist, which found overwhelming support for Cruz (26 percent) and Paul (22 percent) among those who want a pro-Constitution administration.

Bush?  He received less than three percent support in this survey … while rotund “Republican” Chris Christie, the scandal-plagued governor of New Jersey, got less than one percent.

The only candidate who approached the level of support enjoyed by Cruz and Paul?  Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (story HERE) – who was backed by 16 percent of respondents in The Federalist survey.

Here’s the thing, though: Assuming Paul, Cruz, Walker or some other politician emerges as the anti-McCain, errr anti-Romney, errr anti-Bush candidate … do they really stand a chance of knocking off the establishment frontrunner?

That’s a good question …

We don’t believe the current GOP nominating process will ever permit a genuinely pro-free market, pro-freedom, pro-Constitution candidate to emerge victorious.  The special interests pulling the strings of the party (and the media) are simply too powerful.  Also, assuming such a candidate were to win the GOP nomination somehow – the interests running the party would no doubt sit on their hands during a general election as the media demonization kicked into overdrive.

The only way we see for a pro-free market, pro-freedom, pro-Constitution candidate to win the White House is if they run as an independent … which is why we gave up on the GOP years ago.

People say we’re crazy … they say the GOP can change, and that we’re abandoning a battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party that’s worth fighting.

Our response?  The GOP has neither a heart nor a soul – nor a backbone, as evidenced by its latest fiscal treachery in Washington, D.C.

Also, the GOP’s ongoing fiscal hypocrisy is accompanied by a dangerous “neoconservative” worldview and a sanctimonious social conservatism – both of which impose affirmative obligations on taxpayers and impositions on our liberty.

America’s way forward is astonishingly simple: Less government (spending, entitlements, welfare, handouts, regulation, foreign intervention, etc.) and more freedom.  People get that … which is why independents out-poll Democrats and “Republicans” by double-digit margins.

It’s about time these voters were empowered with a real choice … not another red/blue false narrative.