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Jeb Bush’s Campaign Will Cost Chris Christie, Marco Rubio




By FITSNEWS  ||  We won’t be supporting former Florida governor Jeb Bush, New Jersey governor Chris Christie or U.S. Senator Marco Rubio for president in 2016.  Sure, there are things about all three politicians we like, but at the end of the day each one of them – even the “Tea Partier” Rubio – are “establishment Republicans.”  Which means they aren’t ever going to support the kind of drastic, immediate reform – nay, reinvention – America needs if it hopes to escape its current terminal velocity.

Desperate times really do call for desperate measures … or in this case the sort of simple free market, pro-freedom solutions both “establishment” parties refuse to embrace.

Anyway, with Bush’s unofficial entry into the 2016 race last week it’s worth taking a look at where he stands – and how his candidacy could impact the race.

According to a new Washington Post/ ABC News poll, Bush starts as a fragile frontrunner – pulling 15 percent of “Republican” leaners in a race that does not feature former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.  Tied for second place?  U.S. Senator Rand Paul and former GOP vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan – who both drew 11 percent support.  Behind them?  Christie and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (at eight percent apiece), neurosurgeon/ author Ben Carson (7 percent) and three candidates at six percent (Rubio, former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker).

Not exactly an inspiring field is it?  No but neither was the GOP field in 2008 or 2012 – which labored to produce nominees who might as well have been Democrats.

In fact if Bush were to prevail as the “Republican” nominee next year, he’d be the third straight establishment pick – not to mention the candidate with the lowest level of support against likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Which means Democrats are hoping he wins …

Who isn’t happy about Bush jumping into the race, though?  Christie and Rubio.

Christie was the GOP establishment’s top choice heading into 2014, but the George Washington Bridge scandal derailed him … and the hits just keep-a-coming.  In fact Bush’s emergence as an establishment frontrunner is due in large part to Christie’s flop.

Rubio?  With Bush in the race, his support in Florida would all but evaporate – as documented in detail by a recent story in The Tampa Bay Times.

“Even if Rubio proceeds … Bush presents major obstacles that underscore his status as the undisputed king of Florida Republicans,” the Times story noted.  “Bush would command the loyalty of top donors and the support of the political establishment.”

Rubio is pressing on, though … looking to lead “Republican” opposition to U.S. president Barack Obama‘s recently announced shift in Cuba policy.

So … who would benefit from Bush’s entry?  Rand Paul – who along with Cruz appears to be best-positioned within the “Republican” tent to provide an ideological alternative to the status quo forces backing Bush.

“It cleans the race up nicely,” one GOP consultant supporting Paul told FITS. “Effectively makes it a two-man battle.”

Well … a three-man battle.  Don’t forget about the social conservative wing of the GOP, which will likely pick Huckabee or former U.S. senator Rick Santorum to carry its banner (especially in early-voting states like Iowa and South Carolina).