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Marco Rubio Makes His Pitch




By FITSNEWS || U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio will get a chance to make his pitch to “Republican” leaders in early-voting South Carolina this week.

The Florida Senator – whose commitment to freedom and free markets isn’t quite as strong as we initially thought – is the main draw at a S.C. “Republican” fundraiser being held on behalf of U.S. Sen. Tim Scott (and the 2014 “Republican” victory fund).

Since Scott is enjoying an insurmountable lead in the polls over his Democratic opponent with less than two weeks to go before the election, let’s call this event what it really is: An early “Rubio for President” audition.

How will he do?

Well … let’s just hope he provides better answers to direct questions than, um, well … THIS.  And better attacks on leading Democratic contenders than THIS.  Because our guess is he’s going to have to dig a little deeper on all fronts.

Let’s also hope the “neoconservative” (a.k.a. warmonger) has a good excuse for supporting the recent escalation of hostilities in the Middle East – where the United States seems intent on chasing good money after bad ($4-6 trillion worth of “bad,” to be precise).

Seriously … does he support (another) thirty-year war against “radical Islam?”

Oh, and those market-distorting, taxpayer-funded special interest sugar subsidies … does he still support those?

Hmmmm …

We also expect the state’s lazy and incurious legacy media to pepper Rubio with questions about gay marriage and the Confederate flag.

Anyway, the Rubio event begins at 12:00 noon EDT today (October 22) and is taking place at 320 Senate Street (here).  Tickets are $25 and are available here.

Following his address at the GOP event, Rubio will reportedly stop by the S.C. State House to address a gathering of the student legislature (which it’s worth pointing out is infinitely more mature than the actual legislature).

Rubio isn’t the only “conservative” making South Carolina stops in recent weeks … U.S. Senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz have also planted their Palmetto flags, with Paul staking out a “big tent” vision for the GOP and Cruz focusing his attention on the socially conservative South Carolina Upstate.