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#NeverTrump’s “October Surprise” Goes Kaput




The Republican establishment’s bid to take out GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump is no secret.  Hell, dozens of them have gone on the record with it.

Seriously, it’s been an ongoing thing for months … it’s just now totally in the open.

The conspiracy may work, too … although Trump seems to be hitting his stride in several of the key swing states he must win to capture the White House.

That’s not stopping the #NeverTrumpers from continuing to scheme, though.

Take establishment Republican advisors Rick Wilson and Liz Mair – who have been promising the greatest “October Surprise” in history, a revelation that was supposed to finish Trump in the blink of an eye.

Whither this bombshell?  Good question …

“Basically, it’s not happening and Mair is blaming Hillary’s campaign,” our intrepid D.C. Operative told us this week.  “Somebody supposedly has some embarrassing story about Trump but won’t come forward unless someone pays the fee for breaking the non-disclosure agreement they signed with the Trump organization.”

Apparently, no big dollar Democrats took the bait – which has infuriated these GOP strategists.

Wait … these Republican advisors have been colluding with supporters of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton?

Duh … electing Clinton has been their plan all along.  They seriously think they are going to be able to reclaim their party … and rally it around some status quo hack heading into 2020.

So to recap: Two GOP operatives (one from the orbit of failed Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio and the other from the orbit of failed presidential candidate Scott Walker) are upset that a rich Democrat won’t pony up a pile of cash to get the latest Trump accuser to step forward?

Hilarious …

“They claim they’ve had this since the primaries and apparently no Republican would touch it,” D.C. Operative added.  “The big point of all this is that these clowns have had direct contact with Clinton.”

Indeed …

Whether Trump wins or loses next week, the GOP is a dead party walking thanks to #NeverTrumpers like Wilson, Mair, Jon Lerner and Erick Erickson.

For years these status quo, spoon-fed insiders have been ignoring the will of the people.  Now the people have figured them out … and are fighting back.

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