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“Happy Crack” Scandal Update




Yesterday we brought our readers the story of a “Happy Crack” scandal brewing at a government-run school in Dorchester County, S.C.  For those of you who missed it, administrators at Eagles Nest Elementary School threatened to expel nine students for violating the school’s substance abuse policy.

The offending substance?  “Happy Crack,” which is a mixture of Kool-Aid and sugar.

That’s right … we’re not making this up.  In fact the school was originally going to expel these students!

In our original report, we noted that the majority of the students suspended in connection with this “Happy Crack” crackdown were black.

Well guess what … it turns out all of the suspended students are black.

Not only that, we’ve been able to confirm that Dorchester County schools offer their own “Happy Crack” to students for sale in the cafeteria.

Take a look …

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(Pic provided)

According to our sources, Dorchester Schools not only sell their own “Happy Crack,” they give away “giant pixie sticks” full of sugar to students who perform well on their schoolwork.

“Read three books at the library and earn (a) giant tube of happy crack,” one source told us.

In other words the “illicit substance” these students had in their possession at the time they were “busted” could have very well come from the school district.

Additionally, multiple sources have told us that giant “pixie sticks” were among the various sugary Halloween candies doled out to students during the district’s recent “trunk or treat” holiday event.

Crazy, huh?

As we noted in our previous reporting, several families whose children were targeted by this crackdown have jointly retained legal representation for the purpose of initiating a lawsuit against the district.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story …

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