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Donald Trump: “There Will Be Riots” If GOP Denies Him Nomination




The “Republican” establishment is clearly making moves to deny Donald Trump the GOP presidential nomination.  In fact they’ve got their “compromise candidate” for a contested convention already lined up, it appears.

You know … since plans A, B and C fell apart.

What does Trump think of the effort to unseat him?

“I think you’d have riots,” Trump said on CNN’s New Day, just hours after winning three additional states in his front-running bid to become the GOP nominee.

“I think we’ll win before getting to the convention,” Trump added. “But I can tell you, if we didn’t and if we’re 20 votes short or if we’re 100 short and we’re at 1,100 and somebody else is at 500 or 400, because we’re way ahead of everybody, I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically.”

To win the nomination without a fight, Trump would need to capture 1,237 delegates.  He already has 691, meaning he needs to capture a little more than half of the 1,000 delegates yet to be awarded.

If he gets there, it’s over.  He’s the nominee.

If he can’t get there, the GOP convention could descend into chaos.  And while that might ultimately cost Trump the nomination … it would no doubt cost the GOP far more than that.

“I’m representing a tremendous, many, many millions of people, in many cases, first time voters,” Trump said. “If you disenfranchise those people, and you say, ‘I’m sorry, you’re 100 votes short’ … I think you’d have problems like you’ve never seen before. I think bad things would happen.”

Not surprisingly, many mainstream media outlets accused Trump of fomenting violence … which is especially funny considering he also gets blamed when violence is unleashed against his movement.

Through Tuesday’s elections, Trump has received 7,520,263 votes – or 37 percent of the GOP primary electorate.  His closest competitor is U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, who has received 5,464,671 votes – or 27 percent of the electorate.