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John Kasich’s Advisor: Donald Trump Will Not Be Nominated




It’s mathematically impossible for Ohio governor John Kasich to win the 1,237 delegates necessary to capture the GOP presidential nomination.  It’s also politically impossible given Kasich’s status as the most liberal “Republican” in the race.

Seriously … the guy’s nickname is “Medicaid Jesus.”

But Kasich’s bigger-than-expected win over GOP frontrunner Donald Trump in winner-take-all Ohio has made the prospect of a contested convention exceedingly likely.  And Kasich’s consultant, a former John McCain advisor, is openly discussing how that convention can be used to deny Trump the nomination.

According to reporter Darrel Rowland of The Columbus Dispatch, Kasich’s campaign is “laying the groundwork to win a strenuously contested convention when Republicans gather about 15 miles from the site of his victory celebration.”

“Tuesday night they announced the hiring of a quartet of nationally known operatives, including two who worked on opposite sides in the last contested GOP convention in 1976,” Rowland reported.

Rowland also interviewed John Weaver, Kasich’s national strategist – who said an “all-powerful” rules committee would hold sway over the convention and that “the grassroots delegates, activists, party leaders will make a decision about who the nominee is.”

Wait … what?

We’ll repeat that …

“The grassroots delegates, activists, party leaders will make a decision about who the nominee is.”

Yeah … apparently the millions of people who voted in the GOP primary are irrelevant.

Is there any contested convention scenario that ends with Trump as the nominee?  Not according to Weaver.

“A convention of Republicans will not nominate the man unless he has 1,237 delegates,” he said.

So … what happens if the GOP elite deny Trump the nomination at a contested convention?

“If the Republican elite carry out their plans at the Ohio convention, it will be the end of their party and civil war,” one South Carolina Trump supporter told us.  “Besides that, the rest of the world will see us for the banana republic we’re becoming, which won’t help the dollar or our economy.  Either way their game is exposed and over.”