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Obamatrade: Bought And Paid For




|| By FITSNEWS || While the entire state of South Carolina had both eyes peeled on the Confederate flag, other stuff has been going on in the world … bad stuff.

Stuff like the passage of the first key component of “Obamatrade,” U.S. president Barack Obama‘s crony capitalist trade push.

Embraced by Obama and status quo “Republican” leaders – Obamatrade is going to be a disaster for the U.S. economy (see HERE and HERE) and the South Carolina economy (see HERE and HERE).  But that didn’t stop so-called “conservatives” like U.S. Senator Tim Scott, U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy and U.S. Rep. Mark Sanford from voting for it.

All in the name of (cough) “free trade.”

This week, our favorite website Zero Hedge weighed in on the passage of the first part of this debacle.

“In the end the lobbying corporations won,” the site’s authors wrote.  “We are still shocked at how cheap it costs them to buy both the senate and the house.”

And who are “they?”

Take a look …

(Click to enlarge)

TPP donations

Chart via Zero Hedge

So what do We The Taxpayers get out of this deal?

“It will eliminate even more lower-paying jobs and eviscerate what little is left of America’s lower middle class,” Zero Hedge‘s authors wrote.

U.S. Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama – a leading opponent of Obamatrade – offered a brutally honest critique of how Washington, D.C. really works in explaining the push to pass this bill.

“The same routine plays out over and again,” Session said. “We are told a massive bill must be passed, all the business lobbyists and leaders tell how grand it will be, but that it must be rushed through before the voters spoil the plan. As with Obamacare and the Gang of Eight, the politicians meet with the consultants to craft the talking points—not based on what the bill actually does, but what they hope people will believe it does. And when ordinary Americans who never asked for the plan, who don’t want the plan, who want no part of the plan, resist, they are scorned, mocked, and heaped with condescension.”

Yup.  That about sums it up …

“Washington broke arms and heads to get that 60th vote – not one to spare – to impose on the American people a plan which imperils their jobs, wages, and control over their own affairs,” he said. “It is remarkable that so much energy has been expended on advancing the things Americans oppose, and preventing the things Americans want.”

Indeed …

And who cast the deciding vote for Obamatrade?  U.S. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida – one of the top candidates for the “Republican” presidential nomination.

“By providing the final vote to pass (Obamatrade) Marco Rubio put himself squarely on the economentarian side and against the everyday, loyal American citizen whom, we suspect, will have no trouble remembering how he voted when their turn to vote in a Republican primary election rolls around,”  George Rasley of the website Conservative HQ wrote.

That’s for damn sure ….

Shame on Rubio and every “Republican” who voted for this abomination.  Their votes will not soon be forgotten.