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Keep Drowning Us, “Republicans”




Four years ago, we got really amped up for the debate over the federal government’s debt ceiling.  Then we saw the deal that got cut to “raise” this debt limit.

Remember that scam?  Yeah …

Now there’s another debt limit debate brewing, and “Republicans” in Congress are tripping over themselves to cut a deal before the November 3 deadline.  Specifically, they’re looking to raise the debt limit to $19.7 trillion – a mark they expect the government to hit sometime around March of 2017.

Yeah … 19,700,000,000,000. 

For those of you keeping score at home, that’s an estimated $1.3 trillion in new debt over the next seventeen months – and it comes at a time when America’s deficit situation is already worsening.

Oh, and this is the “conservative” proposal … the liberals (“Republicans” and Democrats) want to spend more.

So, what “concessions” would Washington, D.C. grant the conservative “Republicans” in exchange for this massive extension of a wholly unsustainable blank check?  Glad you asked.  Two things: An up-or-down vote on a “balanced budget amendment” and a short-term (nine month) freeze on new federal regulations.


Unbelievable …

After a $1.3 trillion ass-raping, taxpayers would get a show vote on “balanced budgets” and a temporary regulatory freeze (which we’re sure will be every bit as prone to exploitation as the 2011 “spending cuts“).

What a joke …

America is drowning in debt, people … and the consequences are about to get very real, very fast.