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#ConfederateFlag: What The Country Thinks …




|| By FITSNEWS || The debate over the Confederate flag in South Carolina is … over.


Yet while the Palmetto State was turning itself inside out to remove the controversial banner from the grounds of the S.C. State House, the rest of the country didn’t blink regarding its opinion of the flag.

According to a recent CNN/ ORC poll (.pdf here), 57 percent of Americans view the flag as a symbol of southern pride, compared to only 33 percent who believe the banner is racist.  Fifteen years ago – the last time the flag created a national firestorm – 59 percent viewed it as a symbol of southern pride compared to 28 percent who viewed it as racist.

That’s within the margin of error, people … and the 2015 poll was taken more than a week after the horrific, racially motivated “Holy City Massacre” – the mass murder of nine black churchgoers at the Mother Emanuel AME Church in downtown Charleston, S.C.  by a 21-year-old, flag-toting white supremacist.

While the rest of the country doesn’t view the flag as racist, a majority – 55 percent – still support taking the banner off of government property (excluding museums) compared to 43 percent who oppose the flag’s removal.

Those numbers – and the underlying racial and partisan divides – are consistent with state polling on the issue.

Regardless of what the polls say, we believe removing the flag was the right thing to do.

After all as one Palmetto political consultant told us, state leaders need to “get back to pressing stuff that keeps us barely ahead of Mississippi.”

Indeed. South Carolina is one of the poorest, least intelligent, most underemployed, most dangerous states in America.  But there’s no reason it has to stay that way … for any of its citizens.