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SC: America’s Most Criminal State




By FITSNEWS  ||  We know crime is down nationwide (thank you, guns), but are some states more criminally inclined than others?

“Yes,” according to a new analysis published by The Street.  In fact based on the data no state is more criminally minded than South Carolina – which had the highest total crime rate of any state in the nation (ranking second only to the District of Columbia).

“To determine the top 10, we used the FBI’s Uniform Crime Reporting tool to retrieve the estimated 2012 violent crime rate and property crime rate (the most recent year for which data was available) in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia,” Andrew Meola wrote for The Street. “The states with the greatest total crime rate per 100,000 population made the list.”

According to the data, South Carolina’s total crime rate was 4,381 per 100,000 citizens – well above the national average of 3,098.  Violent crimes are also more prevalent in the Palmetto State, which saw 558.8 such incidents per 100,000 citizens – also well above the national rate of 367.9.

In fact among the Top Ten criminal states, only Tennessee and New Mexico had higher violent crime rates.  And only Louisiana and Alabama had higher murder rates.

Oh … and the list obviously doesn’t even touch on all the organized crime going down at the S.C. State House.

What do we make of the data?  It’s sad … but not surprising.

Low income levels, low labor participation and low intelligence breeds crime …