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Obamacare “Shocker”: State Exchanges In Peril




|| By FITSNEWS ||  While the U.S. Supreme Court mulls whether to strike down Obamacare taxes and subsidies in the thirty-four states which refused to establish state-run exchanges – there’s trouble on the horizon for the other sixteen states (and District of Columbia).

According to The Washington Post, “nearly half of the 17 insurance marketplaces set up by the states and the District under President (Barack) Obama’s health law are struggling financially.”  Specifically, the programs are dealing with “surging costs” and “tepid enrollment numbers.”

“A government program where costs exceed revenue … imagine that,” one of our readers noted sarcastically.

Exactly …

We’ve written already on how mandatory health care spending has been a huge drain on the U.S. economy – now Obamacare is set to drain state budgets, too.

We predicted (repeatedly) that this law was going to be disastrous for the American economy – and we were right (see HEREHERE and HERE).  It’s also been disastrous for families.  As a candidate in 2008, Obama projected annual savings of $2,500 per family by the end of his first term in office – yet when his first term ended, there had been a $2,400 increase  in insurance costs.

And those costs have only continued to rise …

Should we be surprised?  Of course not.  After all, Obamacare’s architect Jonathan Gruber has admitted manipulating the law’s numbers in an effort to have it scored a certain way by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). Oh, and he also called American voters “stupid” for falling for the spin.

Let’s hope the U.S. Supreme Court follows the letter of the law and deals this monstrosity a long-overdue death blow …